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WeCrochet Podcast Episode 3: The Real Winner

This week Heather is diving into people‚Äôs crochet journeys. First Heather and Regan examine Fable Fur, brainstorm ideas for crocheting with faux fur yarn, and throw down in a scrunchie-crocheting contest. Find out who will win.  Next, Heather and Sara talk about important things to consider when choosing the right crochet hook for your project. Deciding the right hook takes some experimenting but understanding the different types ...

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WeCrochet Podcast Episode 2: The Crochet Renaissance

In episode two of the WeCrochet Podcast, Heather and Sara discuss the question “Why do crocheters need their own site?” and “Are we entering a new crochet renaissance?” WeCrochet is a new brand for a craft that has a rich history. Crochet is an art that deserves more recognition. Next, Heather checks in with Producer Sarah to see what project she’s crocheting now, what yarn ...

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Crochet Podcast Sneak Peek: the WeCrochet Podcast

Raise your hand if you love podcasts! Raise your other hand if you want to listen to a fun podcast about crochet! We love podcasts too! With that in mind, we are launching a crochet podcast, the WeCrochet Podcast! Click play on short promo above to hear some more info about it. The WeCrochet podcast is ...

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