CAL! Got Gauge?

Crocheting a gauge swatch is not always the most exciting part of starting a new project, but it is one of the most important parts. This is especially true when stitching a garment.

It is important to match both the stitch and row gauge to ensure that your finished project will match the dimensions provided in the pattern. In addition to that, crocheting a swatch is the perfect opportunity to confirm that you like the fabric created by your chosen yarn. Once you find a hook that gives you the correct gauge and a fabric you love, you are ready to start your project.

Our Gauge Swatches

The original samples of Rosie & Chelsea were crocheted using Swish Worsted, a favorite here at the office. Everyone in the office is using Swish Worsted for the CAL, but the crochet hooks used vary in style and size.

Ranielle was able to achieve gauge using a 4.5mm Dots Hook, the suggested size in the pattern.

Liz G is using a 4.5mm Dots hook. She was slightly under gauge pre-blocked but was able to get gauge with blocking.

Andi was able to achieve row gauge but not stitch gauge using a 4.25 mm metal hook. Luckily Andi is an experienced garment maker and has plans to adjust for her stitch gauge discrepancy.

Liz L is using a 4.5mm metal hook and is slightly off gauge (approx 1/8″) making her swatch larger than gauge. This larger gauge means her finished sweater will be slightly larger than the measurements listed in the pattern, but because she wants an oversized fit, she’s happy with the result.

Regan tried several hooks to get gauge. He ended up on a 3.5mm metal hook.

Kate had no issues getting gauge using a 4.5mm Brights hook.

Jen also got gauge using a 4.5 hook and is using the new Ophire hooks.

Everyone was able to achieve gauge or come up with a plan to work with their personal gauge. Now that the swatching is over we are ready to start the sweater making!

What about you? Are you stitching along?