Cal – Got Sleeves & Body

Like all crocheters, our team has found they don’t always have the time to stitch (who else wants more stitching time?) and now that we are several weeks into our CAL for My First Sweater, it seems our Rosie stitchers and our Chelsea stitchers are having varying degrees of success.

Ranielle has had the most progress and only has the ribbing left to finish on the body of her sweater. Plus she’s nearly done with the sleeves as well! We absolutely love the color combination she chose and can’t wait to see her sweater at the next check in – we think at the rate she’s going she’ll probably be finished.

Kate is also continuing to make steady progress and is nearly finished with her second sleeve. The lack of ribbing made finishing the body quick and easy work, and we love that crochet naturally creates a clean finished edge, no extra edging necessary.

Regan has finished the striping pattern on his sweater and has started the colorblock at the bottom.

We can finally see the beginnings of Jen’s planned color stripe modification and look forward to seeing her stripes progress. It will be particularly fun to compare the original colorblocked version with Kate’s delightful single color and Jen’s stripes.

Liz G is continuing to make progress and we really love the symmetry of her smaller stripes and love how her small change can completely change the look of this sweater.

Sadly, Liz L had no stitching time, and Andi’s sweater is still stuck in a box, but we are looking forward to sharing their sweaters in our next progress update.