WeCrochet Podcast Episode 38 – Love Yourself and Your Size with TheCajunCrafter

Summer is here and the WeCrochet team is making plans on how best to spend this crafting season, from reminiscing about past haircuts to dyeing yarns with the kids. This week on the WeCrochet Podcast we’re continue our deep dive into crochet testing by talking to Denise Clark aka @TheCajunCrafter about size inclusivity for testers.First up Heather, Katelyn and Regan talk …

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WeCrochet Podcast Episode 37 – KnotBadBritt’s Guide to Crochet Testing

This episode of the WeCrochet Podcast is all about crochet testing. When designers write a pattern, crochet testers are the first to try their patterns and help shape the final product through their experience making the item, and providing feedback to the designer.

First, Heather and Katelyn talk about what it means to be a test crocheter/sample maker for WeCrochet compared to …

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WeCrochet Podcast Episode 36 – Get Published With Tian

On Today’s episode of the WeCrochet Podcast Heather and Sara check in on their recent projects and Sara interview Tian Connaughton about her latest online course, Get Published.

Sara is continuing her journey to try all the WeCrochet yarns and is currently working with Snuggle Puff and Heather shares everything that she has done wrong in the current WeCrochet Crochet ALong, …

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WeCrochet Podcast Episode 35 – Prime Time Crochet

In this episode of the WeCrochet Podcast, we’re talking about all things TV plus crochet! In this golden age of on-demand content, TV and crochet go together like Laverne and Shirley (or Abbi and Ilana of Broad City).

First Sara, Katelyn, and Heather chat about what they’ve been watching while they crochet. Between true crime, comedies, or even documentaries, there’s a great …

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WeCrochet Podcast 34 – April Food’s Day

The team is trying out a new podcast theme in this episode, Food for Thought. Today we’re talking all about food!

First, Katelyn and Producer Sarah join Heather to talk about their signature recipes, and the parallels between cooking and crochet.

Next, Katelyn tells Heather her Top 5 Snacks to eat while crocheting, and Heather counters with the Top 5 Snacks …

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