Get your favorite hooks and your Swish Worsted, and crochet along with us!

Here’s the Hook:

What: Crochet the Rosie or Chelsea Sweater along with us

When: February 7th – March 19th

Skills to know: Extended Single Crochet, Single Crochet decrease

Who: Everyone who wears sweaters, especially first time sweater makers

Our team loved our newest collection My First Sweater, and it inspired us to stitch sweaters for ourselves. The collection features 5 designs covering most sweater shapes and is the perfect introduction to sweater making. From seamless to seamed, each pattern in this collection combines simple stitches with easy shaping to create sweaters you will reach for again and again.

We decided to limit our options to the Rosie & the Chelsea–both sweaters featured similar top-down construction with minimal seaming. The main difference is Rosie is a raglan and features colorful stripes, while Chelsea is a circular yoke with simple color blocking. We are all using Swish, a super-soft fine superwash Merino Wool.

Be sure to check back next week to see everyone’s color and sweater choices.

We’ll be sharing our own progress both here and on social media under #teamrosie / #teamchelsea / #wecrochetcal. Share your own work under the hashtags, too!