WeCrochet Podcast Episode 26 – How to Crochet a Temperature Blanket like Toni Lipsey

On today’s episode of the WeCrochet Podcast, we’re talking all about temperature blankets! Whether you’re new to temperature blanket or do them every year, we are celebrating all the variations to this classic project.

First up Sara and Heather chat about the weather and the idea of temperature blankets, which are a snapshot of weather trends in a given location over an entire year. 

Then Katelyn gives Sara an overview of the who, what, when, where and why of temperature blankets, with lots of helpful hints about how to organize your temperature blanket yarn, picking a fiber to use, and more. Katelyn loves temperature blankets but she also loves something else. Find out in this episode.

Finally Heather talks to Toni Lipsey, the crochet designer behind TL Yarn Crafts, who designed our Temperature blanket Crochet Along. Toni brought the temperature blanket back into favor with crocheters, and she shares the ways she’s debunked common misconceptions, paving the way for many people to create stylish temperature blankets that they’ll be proud to curl up with at the end of the year. Toni and Heather also come up with the 2020 slogan of the year.

Join the Crochet ALong: Document your year in color when you make the Bias Granny Temperature Blanket using a curated palette in Swish worsted yarn. Each granny square is joined as you go for a comfy, oversized throw blanket. Adjust the colors and temperature gauge to fit your local weather range. By New Year’s Eve, your new favorite blanket will be complete, complete with 365 happy memories.

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0:00 The Opening with Sara and Heather
5:37 Katelyn and Sara
15:00 Heather and Toni
40:25 Credits

Toni’s 2019 Temperature Blanket

Toni’s 2020 Temperature Blanket in progress

ID: The bottom right corner of the Bias Granny Temperature Blanket with colorful granny squares with shades of orange, red, grey, pink and yellow.