WeCrochet Podcast Episode 29 – Crochet Joy

In the chill and grey of winter, we’re looking at things that warm us up and make us happy. Today’s episode is all about the joy of crochet! First, Sara and Heather talk about the parts of crochet that bring them the most joy. From choosing colors and yarn to finishing a WIP to sharing the final photo on social media, there’s a lot of joy to be found in our hobby.

Next, Producer Sarah chats with Sara about the concept of “sparking joy” from author Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Producer Sarah suggests the concept of going through your yarn stash and holding each ball of yarn and WIP to see whether those items spark a physical feeling of joy when you touch them. Then they talk about ways to increase the joy in your crocheting.

Finally, Heather sits down with Lisa Chayka of HELLOHappy, a crochet designer whose specialty is fun and happy crochet designs such as the Hanging Sloth Planter, Crossbody Fish Bag, and many others. Where does Lisa find inspiration? How did she start designing? What’s her most popular pattern of all time? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this interview.

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Mentioned in This Episode:
HelloHappy Designs
Red Panda Planter
Crossbody Fish Bag
Flowering Cactus Scarf
Sloth Hat
Rabbit Mohair Cowl
Brava Yarn
Sloth Wall Hanging
Sloth Hat
Sloth Phone Pouch
Sloth Planter
Snuggle Puff Yarn
Wonderfluff Yarn
Fable Fur
HelloHappy on Ravelry
HelloHappy Website
HelloHappy on Etsy
HelloHappy on Instagram

0:00 The Opening with Heather and Sara
5:22 Producer Sarah and Sara chat about getting organized
15:15 Heather Interviews Lisa from HelloHappy
33:05 Credits

Featured Image – ID: a light brown sloth amigurumi-planter hangs from a stick with a succulent plant on its belly.