WeCrochet Podcast Episode 31 – Crochet Jobs, Part 1 – Designing

In 2021 we’re launching a series about crochet-related jobs (and how to get them). In this episode, we are talking about how crochet employs all types of people in different positions, with a focus on designers.

First up, Heather and Katelyn chat with Producer Sarah about their first jobs. From being a tour guide in a cave or slinging pizzas, to getting paid in candy bars, hear a little about their journeys through employment to their positions now at WeCrochet.

Next, Katelyn walks Heather through the life cycle of developing patterns at WeCrochet, and what kinds of things a contract designer has to do when they work with us. Heather also recommends some must-read articles about how to create a crochet design proposal from Chrisandra Skipper of AndSheLaughsBlog.com.

Finally, Heather continues the discussion with the team from Crochet Foundry again. This time Lorene, Briana, and Pam get into how to communicate when collaborating with a creative team, as well as all the different people (and jobs) involved in making Crochet Foundry magazine a reality.

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0:00 Welcome to the WeCrochet Podcast
0:15 Heather, Katelyn and Producer Sarah talk about jobs
11:21 Heather and Katelyn talk about the lifecycle of the crochet pattern
27:57 Crochet Foundry Interview
47:15 Credits

Featured Image ID: Seven beanie hats lay on a white background, three on top right side up, four on the bottom with the tops pointed right. All are designed differently in a similar red and grey color pallet.


  1. Amber L. / February 18, 2021 / Reply

    Working in this industry would be a DREAM! I didn’t realize how many moving parts were involved with making it all come together.

    • Heather Mann / February 25, 2021 / Reply

      There are definitely so many moving parts! But that means more opportunity to find your niche!

  2. Tina / July 8, 2021 / Reply

    Omg, working with and talking about crochet all day sounds dreamy! Do you find that your work and hobby balance suffer at all? It’s so interesting! I love this topic! I often. make my.own crude stitch charts from written patterns when a repeat how 4 or more rows — never knew that was a job!