WeCrochet Podcast Episode 30 – Finding Crochet Community

In this episode of the WeCrochet Podcast the team focuses on the crochet community. First, Heather, Sara and Katelyn come together for an impromptu healing session when they think about the last year and how it has changed how they look at community. Each has found ways to stay connected in a physically- and socially- distanced world. Thankfully they have crochet to keep them together (and this podcast).

Next, Heather talks to Amber Millard and Lee Sartori from Stitch Together about their online community of monthly Crochet Alongs or CALs. Stitch Together is unique because this team of 8 designers works together to bring dynamic and premium patterns every month. They offer a Crochet Along pattern that they work on together with their global community. Lee and Amber share what they love most about their group.   

Lastly Heather checks in with the Crochet Foundry team about their origins and their upcoming spring collection. Briana Kepner, Lorene Eppolite, and Pamela Stark share a passion for crochet, design, and community and design a quarterly collection of size-inclusive crochet garment patterns.

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Mentioned in this Episode:
Stitch Together
Tara Pullover | Stitch Together January CAL
Tara Pullover Post 
Divine Debris
Coco Crochet Lee
Temperature Blanket CAL
Crochet Foundry
Crochet Foundry
Sincerely Pam
Briana K Design
Cre8tion Crochet
Coconut Macaroon Sweater Dress by Michelle Moore
Crochet Foundry on WeCrochet Facebook Live
Crochet Foundry on WeCrochet Facebook Live on Youtube
Macchiato Sweater

0:00  The introduction
0:14  Sara, Heather and Katelyn check in
13:32  Stitch Together with Amber and Lee
28:58  Come join our CAL
30:40 Crochet Foundry
54:30 Credits

Featured Image ID: Two women stand looking at each other, both wear the Macchiato Sweater, in a room with greenery. The one on the left has a Macchiato Sweater in green and the one on the right wears one in red.

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  1. Amber / February 12, 2021 / Reply

    Finding an online community of others that love to crochet has been so amazing! It’s fun getting to talk all about yarn to people who actually understand how exciting it is! I will definitely have to check out Stitch Together.