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11 Joyful Crochet Patterns to Make Today!

The days may be getting longer as we head toward spring, but today is a great day to bring extra light into your life with some joyful crochet patterns to start right away!

Happy Crochet Patterns: Wall Hangings

Crocheted rainbow wall hanging in orange, gray, chartreuse, and turquoise, with long white fringe. Check crochet.com for the best crochet patterns!
Rainbow Wall Hanging by Haley Herman

Create a stylish boho wall hanging with this Rainbow Wall Hanging featuring an eye-catching 70s-inspired color palette and perfect fringe.

Crocheted wall hanging featuring a butterfly on a cream-colored background with long fringe
Butterfly Banner by Haley Herman

Or maybe a cross-stitched butterfly banner is more your style? This pattern combines simple crochet techniques with cross stitching to create a unique piece of home décor.

A crocheted rainbow wall hanging on a blue background with clouds made out of stuffing. One of the free crochet patterns from crochet.com!
Tuff Puff Rainbow Wall Hanging by Heather Mann

And now I’m tooting my own horn, but I do love the first crochet pattern I’ve ever written: The Tuff Puff Rainbow Wall Hanging. Although this version features a classic rainbow, you can customize and choose your own favorite color palette. Check the various versions on Ravelry to get some color inspiration!

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Joyful Crochet Animal Accessories

I can’t think of anything more joyful than crocheted accessories with an animal theme! Here are some animal-themed crochet patterns that also happen to be useful and wearable accessories.

A mom and daughter wear furry bear ears headbands crocheted from Fable Fur
Animal Ears Headband by Ashley Parker

These crochet animal ear headbands are quick, easy and incredibly adorable. A pair can be made in less than 30 minutes and when made with Fable Fur, they are irresistibly soft and realistic looking.

A crocheted beret with bunny ears, made in Fable Fur
Fuzzy Bunny Beret by HELLOHappy

What could be more fun than a super cute, super warm, bunny ears hat crocheted in Fable Fur? And it will keep your head warm.

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A crocheted whale beanie
Whale Beret by HELLOHappy

Why wear a regular hat when you could wear a whale beret instead? The hat even includes a cute little tail on the back.

A crocheted sloth phone holder
Sloth Phone Pouch by HELLOHappy

Make an adorable sloth phone pouch with this crochet pattern! Perfect for wearing out and about OR at home, when wearing pants with lousy pockets, or no pockets at all. This pouch will fit cell phones up to 3.5 inches wide and 6 inches tall, which is almost all phones on the market!

Check out: all our other sloth crochet patterns too!

Or perhaps what you really need to bring joy to your wardrobe is an octopus scarf! This is a very simple scarf using only dc and hdc stitches, but wow, what an impact!

Joyful Toys to Crochet

And finally, toys to crochet that will add joy to your life. Toys are inherently joyful, but a handmade toy just has that extra love in it that makes it super special. Check out these amigurumi crochet patterns:

A crocheted flamingo toy in furry pink yarn
Flikka Flamingo by Ashley Parker

Flikka Flamingo is an adorable baby flamingo that just begs to be cuddled. Simple stitches and shaping, paired with super bulky Fable Fur yarn make this a quick project! (This is probably the most fantastic use of pink Fable Fur we’ve ever seen!)

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A crocheted spider toy made in black and gray Fable Fur yarn
Taran the Tarantula by Ashley Parker

Taran Tarantula is a sweet and cuddly tarantula that is a big hit with children, being the perfect size to sit on their head, shoulder or even to startle an unsuspecting friend. 

Catfish Purr-maid crochet amigurumi pattern. One of the great free crochet patterns from WeCrochet!
Catfish Purrmaid Amigurumi by Brenda K.B. Anderson

It’s just so hard to choose between mermaids and kittens, but now you don’t have to! This super-cuddly catfish purr-maid is practically begging you to hug her, but be careful—once you start, you won’t be able to stop.

These are just a few of the fun crochet patterns we offer on Crochet.com, and we hope you’ve been inspired to start your next joyful crochet project! Let us know what you think (or if you’ve found some other especially joyful patterns you’d like to share) in the comments!

Free Pattern: Lisbeth Beanie— 12 Weeks of Gifting

It’s the most wonderful time of year: when we give away free crochet patterns every week leading up to the holiday gift-giving season. We’re featuring a new free pattern every Tuesday for 12 weeks. This week’s free crochet pattern is the Lisbeth Beanie.

A model wears a gray crocheted beanie with a pink pom-pom. The Lisbeth Beanie, a free crochet pattern from crochet.com.

To help you with your holiday gift list, we offer our favorite annual tradition: the 12 Weeks of Gifting, where we release a brand new free pattern every Tuesday for 12 weeks, counting down the days to mid-December. We are featuring all sorts of projects—from cozy shawls
to cushy scarves and pretty hats—a little something for everyone on your list!

Lisbeth Beanie – Free Crochet Pattern

A gray crocheted beanie with a pink pom-pom. The Lisbeth Beanie, a free crochet pattern from crochet.com.

Download the free crochet pattern: Lisbeth Beanie.

Yarn needed: Mighty Stitch

Inspired by the icy landscape of a Colorado winter, the arching pattern in this hat mirrors the wind whipping snow into drifts. The Lisbeth Beanie is worked in the round from the bottom up with a ribbed brim. The top of the hat is stitched with a repeating arch and then cinched together before being topped with a faux fur pom-pom.

Stay Tuned for More 12 Weeks of Gifting Patterns to Come

We can’t wait to reveal the rest of this year’s 12 Weeks of Gifting Patterns, so check back next Tuesday to find out what the final pattern will be.

In the meantime, check out last year’s 12 Weeks of Gifting Patterns to inspire you as you craft up your holiday gifts (or maybe just make something for yourself!)

Stitch Away Stress: Rainbow Crochet
Rainbow Garden Throw: a crocheted blanket made of hexagon motifs with rainbow-colored flower blossoms in the center of each motif.

Is anything more inspiring than a rainbow crochet project? As we reach the end of April, in which we’ve been Stitching Away Stress, we want to end with a big colorful crochet-splosion! This month, we’ve talked about crocheting for self-care, embracing community over comparison, and shared striking statistics about the power of crochet in mental health (and also encouraged you to take the Stitch Away Stress survey, which you can still do!). Now let’s end it all with a big ol’ parade of rainbow projects!

Why rainbows? Well, we were inspired by our Chief Marketing Officer, Ursula, who told us a story. Her daughter, after a very difficult time, was encouraged to knit/crochet a blanket in rainbow colors, because “a rainbow comes after the storm.” Rainbows are colorful, cheerful, and of course, come after a storm. What a great reminder!

Rainbow Crochet Patterns:

Rainbow Garden Throw

Let’s start with the Rainbow Garden Throw, shown above! This free rainbow crochet pattern is inspired by love of nature and passion for bringing the outdoors in. The cheerful colors and textured flower petals provide a modern take on a classic design.

Sparkles the Crocheting Unicorn Softie

A crocheted unicorn toy with a rainbow-colored mane

One of our newest patterns also happens to be one of our brightest and most fun! Sparkles the Crocheting Unicorn Softie is a free pattern that you can download right away. Make it your own by choosing your own rainbow colors for Sparkles’ mane and hooves.

Other Unicorn+Rainbow Crochet Patterns:

Sparkles has some friends, too! Don’t miss the Dazzler the Unicorn Headband and the Glimmer Sisters Unicorn Slippers. All free rainbow crochet patterns to download ASAP!

Felici on the Double Cowl

a pile of striped cowls in rainbow colors

See where the Felici takes you in the Felici on the Double Cowl. This cowl will keep you going “just one more row” to the point that just one cowl won’t be enough! Holding self-striping Felici double will give your stripes a color-shifting effect that changes so much over the course of the cowl, you won’t be able to put it down. Easy enough for the beginner, even the advanced crocheter will love how quickly these chevrons work up.

I should know… I crocheted all the cowls in the photo! I couldn’t stop making this one.

Flower Garden Scarf

a model wears a scarf made of crocheted flowers in purples, oranges, and greens

While not technically a complete rainbow, the Flower Garden Scarf is a free crochet pattern that can be made in a rainbow of colors and is sure to bring a smile to the faces of anyone who sees it.

Hue Shift Afghan

The Hue Shift Afghan is a rainbow-colored crochet blanket.

The Hue Shift Afghan is made with mitered squares made in 2 alternating colors. Eleven colors blend harmoniously in this rainbow-colored afghan!

You can even buy a Hue Shift kit to get 10% off on the yarn needed for this blanket. Or, choose your own 11 colors to crochet a completely unique rainbow of your own.

Rainbow Crochet Blankie

A chevron rainbow blanket

In the darkest times, sometimes a person needs a bit of warmth, cheer, and love. Crochet this simple chevron blanket in bright colors and it will be something they’ll hold on to for years to come.

Download the free pattern: Rainbow Crochet Blankie.

Granny’s Rainbow Dishcloth

Not up for a full blanket? How about crocheting a pretty rainbow granny square dishcloth? Granny’s Rainbow Dishcloth is a free pattern that can be made as a dishcloth, or use it as a jumping-off point for a granny square-based creation.

We hope these rainbow crochet patterns give you some inspiration and help keep you crocheting beyond Stitch Away Stress month!

What to crochet with faux fur yarn?

We’ve noticed a distinct trend this fall: crochet with faux fur yarn! Maybe we’re just noticing it because we love our fantastic faux fur yarn: Fable Fur, but we think faux fur crochet is here to stay! Faux fur yarn is a natural choice for fall and winter crochet because it’s so touchable and warm.

Many of our crochet friends are working with faux fur yarn, so we’ve collected all those projects for you to check out below. But first…

About Fable Fur:

fable fur from WeCrochet -- crochet with faux fur yarn
Fable Fur stats and care instructions

A luxuriously soft faux-fur effect yarn, Fable Fur is perfect for bringing a touch of elegance and snuggly softness to your latest projects. Add a stylish trim to your next accessory, or work up a gorgeous wrap or afghan exclusively in this premium, 100% polyester yarn. What makes it premium? This grade of polyester holds it’s shape well and doesn’t shrink. Projects will work up fast at this super bulky weight, so you’ll have a menagerie of cozy accessories and home décor projects in no time!

Faux Fur Crochet Projects

A model wears a hooded fur vest

We’ve been so excited and pleased by all the wonderful designs we’ve seen in Fable Fur! Check out some of our favorites:

Mika Vest by Toni Lipsey of TL Yarn Crafts

A model is shown wearing a hooded fur vest

The Mika Vest is a festive hooded faux fur crochet vest pattern, the perfect piece to bring opulence and fun to your winter outfits. Designed by Toni Lipsey, this garment features special touches like generous pockets, cozy hood, and shaping on the armhole opening to give a comfortable fit.

Inspired by her experience working with Fable Fur, Toni also has an article with 6 Pro Tips for Crocheting with Faux Fur Yarn. Check it out to learn how to have a simple and seamless experience crocheting faux fur yarn.

Fable Fur Koala Keychain by The Loopy Lamb

Ashley of The Loopy Lamb has designed several adorable crochet patterns that use Fable Fur, including this sweet Koala Keychain, and a Koala Bear Stuffed Animal. She also has Tips for Crocheting Faux Fur.

Fur-Ever Infinity Scarf by Ashlea Konecny of Heart Hook Home

Ashlea models her faux fur crochet infinity scarf

Ashlea Konecny is one of our favorite crocheters, and she used Fable Fur to crochet the Fur-Ever Fur Infinity Scarf. You just need three skeins of Fable Fur (Ashlea used the Kuma colorway) to make the scarf. Then you will have enough left over to make ear warmers or several pom-poms.

Related: Ashlea also has 6 Tips for Working With Faux Fur Yarn

Crocheted Brimstone Faux Fur Cowl by amylmason on Ravelry

A dress form displays a tan faux fur cowl.

Ravelry user amylmason made the Crocheted Brimstone Faux Fur Cowl, inspired by the knitted cowl by Claudia Maheux. Find out how to make the crocheted version of the cowl on her Ravelry project page.

Faux Fur Ear Warmers by Nicole Riley of Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

You only need half a skein to crochet Nicki Riley’s Faux Fur Ear Warmers — a great quick holiday gift. Make them for everyone on your list!

Crocheting Faux Fur Tips from Nicki:

Nicki has designed a couple of different crochet patterns featuring Fable Fur, and she has a couple of tips:

  • Feel for the special band that holds the faux fur together, making it easy to find crochet stitches.
  • Try using a wooden crochet hook if you find a metal or plastic hook is too slippery.

Crochet Faux Fur Pom-Pom Pattern

A woman holds a faux fur pom pom in her hand

We crocheters love our fur pom-poms, and Nicki has also written a pattern for a crochet faux fur pom-pom. You can make several pom-poms from a single skein of Fable Fur, and they’re the perfect topper for your favorite crocheted hats.

4 Ways to Make Pom-Poms by Bethany Dearden of Whistle and Ivy

Plaid tartan hat -- a crocheted plaid beanie hat in shades of red with a big fur pom-pom

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of Bethany Dearden of Whistle and Ivy.

Check out our article featuring Whistle & Ivy:
7 Plaid Projects to Crochet.

Here’s another reason to love her: she shared 4 ways to make pom-poms, including instructions for how to crochet pom-poms using our Fable Fur.

“Faux Sho” Fur Boot Cuffs

If you have a partial skein of Fable Fur, you have enough yarn to make Heart Hook Home’s “Faux Sho” Fur Boot Cuffs.

Where did these cuffs get their cute name? Ashlea writes: The “Faux Sho” Fur Boot Cuffs are the latest in my pun-filled adventures. I hope you love them and that the name gives you a giggle each time you put them on. “Am I wearing my Faux Fur boot cuffs today? FO SHO I am!”

Bonus Project: Fable Fur Hood

I worked up a quick and simple faux fur hood using Fable Fur, with the free pattern available over at my blog.

What do you think? Are you ready to crochet Fable Fur? Show us your projects and let us know if you have tried it in the comments!

What to crochet with fingering weight yarn?
A colorful crocheted blanket is draped on a green chair
Wildflowers Baby Blanket by Michele DuNaier, made in Stroll Tonal Mini Packs (Wildflowers)

There are many different weights of yarn, ranging from very fine weight (crochet thread or lace weight), on up to super bulky. In honor of this month’s yarn of the month, Stroll, which is a versatile fingering weight yarn, we are featuring some great patterns you can crochet in fingering weight yarn.

Sometimes crocheted garments get a bad rap, especially when they are made in certain weights of yarn. We’ve heard people say crocheted sweaters look chunky or unattractive, depending on the yarn, the stitch, the design, etc. However, just because crochet has a reputation for resulting in less-than-desirable garments, doesn’t mean that it’s true!

The yarn you choose does make a difference when it comes to crocheted garments — yarn can affect the drape (or stiffness), the weight (as in the literal heaviness of the garment), and the final look of the garment.

To combat a lot of the stereotypical problems with crocheting garments, look for patterns that are designed for lighter weight yarns! Fingering weight yarn is a great place to start to help you create lighter, more drape-y sweaters. Which brings us to:

Monthly Yarn Sale: Stroll 20% Off

An image that says "Monthly Yarn Sale - 20% off - Stroll Yarns" and shows examples of different Stroll yarns.

This month, all Stroll yarns are 20% off.

Stroll is made of 75% fine superwash Merino wool and 25% nylon for strength and durability. Warm, cushy, and versatile, this yarn is wonderful to have in your stash when crochet inspiration strikes. In addition, Stroll is ideal for gifts since the recipient does not need to worry about special care instructions.  There are over 100 colors of Stroll, in seven distinct lines:

Stroll, Stroll Glimmer, Stroll Gradient
Stroll Hand Painted, Stroll Tonal, Stroll Tweed

Crochet Sweaters – Trending on Ravelry

In our first crochet pattern collections, we made sure to include several excellent crochet sweater patterns. This choice turned out to be the right one, as all our sweater patterns trended on Ravelry for days after we released them. [end horn tooting!]

Look ma, our crocheted sweaters were in the top 5 popular patterns on Ravelry!

And guess what — some of these sweater patterns are good choices for crocheting with fingering weight yarn, like Stroll! And don’t forget, you can crochet just about anything in fingering weight yarn.

Crochet Patterns to Make in Fingering Weight Yarn:

A woman wears an oversized pink crocheted sweater
Effortless Oversized Top crochet pattern by Tiam Safari

Effortless Oversized Top

First we have the Effortless Oversized Top, a modern crochet sweater design by Tiam Safari. With a super-relaxed, oversized fit, this slouchy top is perfect for throwing on for any casual occasion – pair it with jeans and sneakers for a weekend chic look, or snuggle in leggings and cozy socks for a night on the sofa.

The simple shaping and construction of this design allow for an easy project for a beginner crochet garment maker.

Light Touch Pullover

An image of a female model wearing a dark red version of the Light Touch Pullover, a free crochet pattern from crochet.com
Light Touch Pullover crochet sweater pattern by Natasha Robarge

Next we have the Light Touch Pullover, a design by Natasha Robarge. This lightweight pullover exudes softness and feminine charm, featuring a subtle lace pattern composed of petal clusters. Open neck, gentle pattern curves, relaxed fit, and cashmere content of the yarn, all create a luxurious garment.

Fingering weight yarn is great for all types of crochet projects, though, not just sweaters!

Snow Mountain Hat

A model's head is turned to the side to display a crocheted hat in neutral colors with a white pom-pom. The pattern is Snow Mountain Hat, a free crochet pattern by crochet.com
Snow Mountain Hat crochet pattern by Michele DuNaier

The Snow Mountain Hat by Michele DuNaier is our next fingering weight yarn crochet pattern suggestion. Whether you’re spending a day on the ski slopes or need a cheerful accessory to wear on your daily commute, coordinated colors combined with a variety of stitches and texture make this hat a perfect choice.

Wildflowers Baby Blanket

A colorful crocheted blanket is draped on a green chair
Wildflowers Baby Blanket by Michele DuNaier

The Wildflowers Baby Blanket by Michele DuNaier is made with the beautiful colors and exquisite softness of Stroll Tonal yarn. Colorful flower motifs with a cheerful dance of golden shells along the edging make this a one-of-a-kind blanket for a special someone.

Louisa Crochet Shawl

A model wears a triangular red crochet shawl around her neck.
Louisa Crochet Shawl by Sara Hartmann

Looking for a pretty shawl to make? The Louisa Crochet Shawl by Sara Hartmann is a pretty option! You’ll enjoy crocheting this rhythmic pattern with its interesting shaping details that blend double crochet with fancy corner shells, ending with a gorgeous border of fancy picots and shells.

Neasa Shawl

A model wears the Neasa Shawl, a turquoise crochet stole that is wrapped around her shoulders.
Neassa Shawl, a crochet pattern designed by Brenda Bourg

The Neassa Shawl by Brenda Bourg is another great-looking crochet shawl pattern designed for fingering weight yarn. Easily worked from side to side with the trim added after the main body is finished, Neassa is the perfect addition to any wardrobe!

Edith Wrap

The Edith Wrap is a crochet shawl with an openwork square grid. This photo shows a dark yellow version of the shawl draped on the shoulders of a model.
Edith Wrap crochet pattern by Elly Doyle

The Edith Wrap by Elly Doyle hugs the shoulders for cozy, stylish comfort. Work in a bright color and pair with a Little Black Dress for a pop of eye-catching elegance.

Forest of Dean Shawl

A model wears a triangular green crochet shawl draped around her neck.
Forest of Dean Shawl crochet pattern by Michele DuNaier

The Forest of Dean Shawl by Michele DuNaier is inspired by the ancient woodland of the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, England. Rows of DC stitches represent a deep forest of trees, lacy shells and V stitches evoke leafy treetops and shrubberies, and the chain space line suggests a river running through the forest.

These are just a fraction of the great crochet patterns for fingering weight yarn we have available. Check out crochet.com for dozens more, like our plaid Ancel Wrap!