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WeCrochet Podcast Episode 8: Blooming Spring

It’s springtime and on this week’s episode of the WeCrochet Podcast, the team talks about spring projects. Even though this spring is like no other that anyone has ever experienced, we are continuing to crochet, connect with others, and find joy.

First Sara has a special message about what is happening in our company. Next Producer Sarah and Heather check in with each other while working from home. Closet recording sessions are a new frontier for our team and we promise to make them better.

Sara in the closet recording
Heather in the closet recording

Sara and Heather discuss all the ways to use crocheted flowers. Crocheting lends its self to creating beautiful boutiques but sometimes you need some inspiration on how to use all those flowers.

Some listeners call in, leave a voicemail and say hi. Thank you! Please keep calling and leaving us voicemails 360-334-4847. We truly love hearing from you.

Regan and Heather answer a question about submitting design proposals. Plus Heather’s crochet fail from last week has become a success.


Lastly, Heather interviews Camden on her favorite spring designs for the Blooming Spring Collection. We also get to learn more about what Camden does at WeCrochet and her crochet journey.

Producer Sarah in the closet recording

Mentioned in this Episode:

Important Message
Shine Worsted
Comfy Color Mist
WeCrochet Magazine Issue 2
Flower Girl Hair Clips
Palette Yarn
Primrose Hat
Flower Garden Scarf
Flower Wreath
Sunflower Tote
Floral Tapestry Top
Flower Crown
Flower Bouquet
Ann Wanamaker’s designs with crochet skulls
Chrysalis Cardigan
African Violet Afghan
Bobble Diamond Throw
Swish Rainforest Heather


0:00 Important message from Sara, the Brand Director
1:27 Heather and Producer Sarah check in from their closets
8:26 Sara and Heather talk all things crocheted flowers
24:42 #WarmUpTogether
25:44 Listener Voicemails
27:57 Re-Re and Hey Hey talk about submitting designs
36:16 Meet the team: Camden
43:45 Credits

Tutorial: How to Make a Crocheted Flower Wreath
How to make a crocheted flower wreath: an image of a wreath covered in crocheted flowers

Hooray, the Spring Issue of WeCrochet Magazine is now available, and in this issue we provided 10 Ideas for Crocheted Flowers. Today let’s learn how to use your flowers to make a crocheted flower wreath!

Crocheted flower wreath project supplies: a wreath form, yarn, and a crochet hook

Project Materials Needed:

  • 10 Crocheted flowers
  • A foam wreath form
  • Yarn
  • A crochet hook (to match yarn size)
  • Straight pins
  • Scissors
  • (Optional) Greenery or other wreath accents

A note about the project materials:

Crocheted flowers: You can use any crocheted flower pattern you want, or make up your own. For our wreath, we used flowers from the Flower Garden Scarf pattern, and the Flower Girl Hairclip pattern, and crocheted them in Mighty Stitch Worsted.

  • NOTE: The number of flowers you need depends on the size of your wreath, the size of your flowers, and how full you want the wreath to look. Make it your own!

Wreath form: Ours is 10″ and from the dollar store.

Yarn: Use this to wrap the wreath form. We used Mighty Stitch Super Bulky to cover the wreath form.

Blocking Crocheted Flowers:

Before you begin assembling your wreath, block your crocheted flowers. To block the flowers:

Blocking crocheted flowers on a blocking mat, with T-pins

Mist flower with water, then pin it to a blocking mat to spread petals. Allow to dry.

Covering the Wreath Form with Yarn

Covering a wreath form with yarn and crochet

To cover up the foam finish of our wreath form, we decided to crochet Mighty Stitch Super Bulky yarn around the form.

  • Alternately, you can just wrap the yarn around the wreath form, using a small dab of hot glue to secure the ends of the yarn.

How to crochet around a wreath form:

Covering a wreath form with yarn and crochet
  1. Tie yarn around the wreath form, then insert hook inside the yarn circle around the form.
  2. Yarn over and pull a loop through. You have one loop on your hook.
Covering a wreath form with yarn and crochet

3. Wrap yarn around the form, going through the center of the wreath, and catch it with your hook. Pull yarn through loop on hook.

Covering a wreath form with yarn and crochet

4. Wrap yarn around the wreath in the other direction (around the outside of the wreath form), and catch it with your hook. Pull yarn through loop.

Covering a wreath form with yarn and crochet

5. Continue to crochet yarn around the wreath form this way, alternating between bringing yarn through the wreath opening, and around the back of the wreath, until the wreath is completely covered in yarn.

Keep your chain of loops around the outside of the wreath form.

Covering a wreath form with yarn and crochet

6. To finish, chain 10 to create a loop for hanging. Connect end chain to first chain to create the loop. Fasten off and cut yarn. Weave in any ends.

Decorating the Crocheted Wreath with Flowers

How to make a crocheted flower wreath: an image of a wreath covered in crocheted flowers

Now for the fun part! You get to decorate the wreath with your crocheted flowers and any other accents you want to add.

Pin the flowers on the wreath using straight pins with a small head (like dressmaker’s pins or floral pins). Arrange the flowers however you like!

Add other wreath elements, such as greenery or ribbons, and pin in place.

And, you’re done!

Like this tutorial? You’ll love WeCrochet Magazine, Issue 2!

WeCrochet Magazine issue 2 Cover and interior sample page

In this issue we feature two distinct crochet collections—first, Blooming Spring has 12 brand new crochet patterns that celebrate flower power with garden-inspired patterns, floral motifs, appliqués, and unique colorwork.

Next, Beloved features 12 original projects designed to help add a handmade touch to the ceremony of a lifetime. In this collection, you’ll find romantic accessories, garments, gifts, and party décor that will express your creativity on the big day.

Join our latest CAL with the Bobble Diamonds Throw. Read up on favorite crochet books, including and interview with author Salena Baca. Learn tapestry crochet, intarsia crochet, puff stitch, bobble stitch, popcorn stitch, horizontal puff stitch plus 10 ways to use a crochet flower!

We’ve added a lot of love to this issue, and we hope you find some patterns and ideas that YOU love! Let us know your favorite thing in the magazine by sharing with #wecrochetmag on social media.

How to make a crocheted flower wreath - tutorial from the WeCrochet Blog at crochet.com
How to make a crocheted flower wreath - tutorial from the WeCrochet Blog at crochet.com

Tutorial: How to Make a Crochet Flower Bouquet
A bouquet of crocheted flowers in a jar

We love crochet flowers! They are quick and easy projects made for trying out new yarns in all your favorite colors. If you’re looking for 10 Ways to Use Crochet Flowers, be sure to pick up the latest issue of WeCrochet Magazine, Issue 2. The issue includes 10 ideas for using up crochet flowers and all the patterns we reference below.

Here is one of our favorite ideas: Make a Crochet Flower Bouquet!

Gather Materials Needed:

To make this flower bouquet you will need:


Make the Pieces for Crochet Flower Bouquet

A model wears the Flower Garden Scarf crochet pattern
Flower Garden Scarf

Choose your favorite colors for Curio Crochet Thread #3. Use your crochet hook to make the Small and Medium flowers from the Flower Garden Scarf Crochet Pattern. Mix and match the colors as you like.

If the flowers are looking a bit wavy, you can block them! Soak the flowers in cold water for 20 minutes. Lay them flat to dry or use T-Pins to spread them on blocking boards. Check out our blocking kit if you need more blocking tools.

Attach the flowers to the floral wire by inserting the wire through a few stitches at the back of the flower. Further secure the flower by bending the wire and/or using the yarn ends to tie and attach. Trim or bend the wires so the flowers are varying heights.

Arrange and Assemble the Crochet Flower Bouquet

Gather a collection of additional flowers or greenery. It’s fun to pick additional flowers that are a similar color palette to your crochet flowers. Arrange the flowers in a vase or mason jar. Bend the floral wires as needed to help flowers stay in place.

For an added crochet touch, arrange the flowers in a mason jar and then crochet the Lovestruck Jar Cozy as a mason jar cover. This pattern is made in Curio #10, so it’s easy to perfectly match the jar’s color palette with your crocheted flowers.

Get WeCrochet Magazine, Issue 2!

The cover of WeCrochet Magazine issue 2

Find all the patterns and instruction you need to make this flower bouquet with WeCrochet Magazine, Issue 2. Inside you’ll find 10 Things to do with Crochet Flowers, the Flower Garden Scarf Pattern, the Lovestruck Jar Cozy, plus more crochet patterns for Spring!

Find Curio crochet thread, size #10 and #3, in a thrilling color palette on crochet.com. (Find blocking tools, crochet hooks, and project bags there, too!)

Share your crochet flower bouquet with the crochet community! Post pictures with #WeCrochet on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Ravelry!

Tutorial: Make a Crochet Flower Crown
Crocheted flowers attached to an elastic headband make a great crochet flower crown

A crochet flower crown is the perfect spring accessory and so much fun to make! There are so many opportunities to customize this project exactly as you like it. Try it with a handful of colorful flowers and crochet leaves, as pictured OR pack the entire headband full of many flowers. Try it in multi-color yarns or make all of the crochet components in a single color. The look and style is up to you!

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Materials for Crochet Flower Crown

Gather all the materials you’ll need to create this fun crochet flower crown! To make this project as pictured you will need:

A model wears the Flower Garden Crochet Scarf, a scarf made from many colorful crocheted flowers sewn together
We used flowers from the Flower Garden Scarf pattern to make a flower crown

Make Crochet Flower Crown

There are many ways to create a flower crown! Here are the specific instructions for the flower crown we created for WeCrochet Magazine, Issue 2! If you’re looking for other ways to use crochet flowers, be sure to grab a copy of the latest issue!

  • Begin by crocheting 5 flowers from your chosen flower pattern in a range of coordinating colors.
  • Crochet 2 leaves to place at the edges of the flowers.
  • Block flowers and leaves so they lay flat. Find all the tools you need for blocking in our Basic Blocking Kit
  • Use needle and thread to sew your elastic band into a headband.
  • Use needle and thread to attach crochet flowers and leaves to your elastic band.
The crocheted flower crown displayed on some decorative white porcelain antlers

Get WeCrochet Magazine, Issue 2!

A picture of the cover of WeCrochet Magazine Issue Two, featuring colorful yarns and flowers

If you love crochet flowers, you’ll want to order a copy of WeCrochet Magazine, Issue 2! The issue is packed full of patterns and projects inspired by Spring blooms and other fun spring things. You’ll also find an article on 10 ways to use a crochet flower!

Share your crochet flower crown with the crochet community! Post pictures with #WeCrochet on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Ravelry!