WeCrochet Podcast Episode 8: Blooming Spring

It’s springtime and on this week’s episode of the WeCrochet Podcast, the team talks about spring projects. Even though this spring is like no other that anyone has ever experienced, we are continuing to crochet, connect with others, and find joy.

First Sara has a special message about what is happening in our company. Next Producer Sarah and Heather check in with each other while working from home. Closet recording sessions are a new frontier for our team and we promise to make them better.

Sara in the closet recording
Heather in the closet recording

Sara and Heather discuss all the ways to use crocheted flowers. Crocheting lends its self to creating beautiful boutiques but sometimes you need some inspiration on how to use all those flowers.

Some listeners call in, leave a voicemail and say hi. Thank you! Please keep calling and leaving us voicemails 360-334-4847. We truly love hearing from you.

Regan and Heather answer a question about submitting design proposals. Plus Heather’s crochet fail from last week has become a success.


Lastly, Heather interviews Camden on her favorite spring designs for the Blooming Spring Collection. We also get to learn more about what Camden does at WeCrochet and her crochet journey.

Producer Sarah in the closet recording

Mentioned in this Episode:

Important Message
Shine Worsted
Comfy Color Mist
WeCrochet Magazine Issue 2
Flower Girl Hair Clips
Palette Yarn
Primrose Hat
Flower Garden Scarf
Flower Wreath
Sunflower Tote
Floral Tapestry Top
Flower Crown
Flower Bouquet
Ann Wanamaker’s designs with crochet skulls
Chrysalis Cardigan
African Violet Afghan
Bobble Diamond Throw
Swish Rainforest Heather


0:00 Important message from Sara, the Brand Director
1:27 Heather and Producer Sarah check in from their closets
8:26 Sara and Heather talk all things crocheted flowers
24:42 #WarmUpTogether
25:44 Listener Voicemails
27:57 Re-Re and Hey Hey talk about submitting designs
36:16 Meet the team: Camden
43:45 Credits


  1. PattiB / April 3, 2020 / Reply

    Loved this! Thanks for keeping me inspired as I isolate here at home…well, my pets and yarn are keeping me company!

    • Heather Mann / April 9, 2020 / Reply

      Thanks PattiB! We’re glad you’re enjoying the podcast along with your pets and yarn! Keep crocheting!

  2. Claudia T / May 25, 2020 / Reply

    I’ve definitely noticed Camden’s work and how modern and fresh and lively it all looks!