WeCrochet Podcast Episode 19 – Crochet Self Care

What does your self care look like? How long is too long to crochet in one sitting? What’s the best ergonomic crochet hook for pencil-grip style of crochet? These are just some of the questions we are answering in this crochet self-care themed WeCrochet Podcast episode.

First, Sara reads a letter from Hannah, who asks all kinds of questions about how to keep crochet pain at bay. Sara and Heather then talk about their self-care practices when it comes to crochet and life. Self care means different things to different people but mostly involves engaging in activities that promote positive well-being and aim reduce stress.

Sara and Heather also field several questions from our crochet community that center around various self-care topics. What’s the best ergonomic hook to use and why one designer loves Furls hooks? How can you avoid thread burn on tension fingers? And what’s the best posture for crocheting?

Finally, Heather chats with Lisa Valko, an occupational therapist who is also a crocheter, and Lisa gives us tips and tricks for stretching, taking breaks, and keeping your crochet hands limber.

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0:00 Introduction
2:04 Sara and Heather answer some questions from the crochet community
20:34 Heather interviews Occupational Therapist Lisa Vasko
43:34 Credits