WeCrochet Podcast Episode 33 – That New Yarn Feeling

Happy International Crochet Month from the WeCrochet Podcast. This episode is all about YARN!

First, Sara, Katelyn, and Heather talk about how they feel when they get new yarn, and what they do while they’re waiting for the yarn delivery truck to arrive. They also share which projects they’re currently working on.

Next, Katelyn and Sara drop all their yarn knowledge from ply, twist, weight, to wraps per inch, fiber, put-up, and more. There are a lot of things that go into choosing the right yarn for your next project.

Finally, Heather chats with Wendy Peterson of YarnSub.com about the site’s useful purpose of suggesting appropriate yarn substitutes, Wendy’s fiber background, and a unique tip for selecting yarns for crocheters.

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Mentioned in this Episode:
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Palette (Twist) 
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick 
@Planty_McPlanterface on Instagram 
WeCrochet Magazine Issue 6 (Available starting March 24, 2021) 
Wraps Per Inch Tool 
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Wendy on Instagram

0:00 Welcome + a joke
0:22 Heather, Sara and Katelyn check in
10:45 Sara and Katelyn tell you everything you need to know about yarn
34:44 Heather Interviews Wendy from YarnSub
48:24 Credits

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  1. Vandeca / March 21, 2021 / Reply

    Can TOTALLY relate! Little pleasure in the pandemic, LOVE LOVE LOVE my yarn package deliveries, imagjnation going wild… I org by weight, then color. Use under bed storage containers, tho they no longer fit under the bed!