Join our Crochet Along: Clean Sweep Rug (April-June 2021)
Clean Sweep Rug crochet pattern: A top-down view of a rectangular multicolored striped rug in blue and green tones, with fringe on the ends. Layered on top of it to the right is a round multicolored rug in red/purple tones. A pair of yellow retro running shoes is sitting on top of the round rug.

You are cordially invited to join us in our new Crochet Along Challenge, featuring the Clean Sweep Rug pattern by Katy Petersen of KT and the Squid (@ktandthesquid).

Get the pattern here: Clean Sweep Rug Pattern OR get it in WeCrochet Magazine Issue 6!

About the Clean Sweep Rug

Clean Sweep Rug crochet pattern: A top-down view of a rectangular multicolored striped rug in blue and green tones, with fringe on the ends. Layered on top of it to the right is a round multicolored rug in red/purple tones. A yellow rotary phone is sitting on top of the round rug.

Get ready for some spring cleaning with this stunning rug in many colors designed by Katy Petersen from KT and the Squid (@ktandthesquid)! The Clean Sweep Rug uses worsted yarn and can be made as a rectangle or circle and in multiple sizes.

Get the Clean Sweep Rug pattern.

Choose your Yarn:

Brava mini packs: A photo of a lot of blue and green mini skeins of Brava yarn on a white background. Text that says "100% Premium Acrylic, 600g/1308 yards; packs of 24 colors, 25g each"
Brava Mini Packs are a great choice for this project because they have so many shades of color-coordinated yarn in a single pack!

While we recommend Brava Worsted for this project (so many colors, hard-wearing and washable, and you can’t beat the price), this is also a great opportunity to clean out your stash and use colors you have on hand. Pick many colors or stripe just a few; the choice is up to you!

Brava Worsted: A top-down view of four regular-sized skeins of Brava in two blue shades and two green shades. Text says "100% Premium Acrylic, 100g/218 yards; available in almost 50 colors."
Brava Worsted comes in 100 gram skeins and tons of colors and is a great value.

What color palette do you prefer?

  • Cool tones (blues and greens, white)
  • Warm tones (reds, oranges, yellow, purple, cream)
  • Neutrals (Grays, white and black, or browns, tans and cream)
  • Retro (brown, orange, yellow, red, purple, with a dash of pink)
  • Bright (classic rainbow in various shades: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple)
  • Pastels (lighter, softer colors like pink, mint, sky blue, lavender)
  • Insert your own color palette idea here!
Brava 500: An image of a jumbo skein of blue yarn with a hand on top of the skein for scale. Text "100% Premium Acrylic, 500g/1090 yards; available in 12 colors."
To minimize ends to weave, Brava 500 is our jumbo 500 gram skein of premium acrylic yarn. Coordinates with all the other Brava sizes, and comes in 12 colors. Great choice if you are making a large rug!

How to Join the Crochet Along:

To participate in the Clean Sweep Rug Crochet Along, join and post here:

CAL Timeline:

Clean Sweep Rug Crochet Along Timeline
The CAL Schedule. See below for text from this image.

April 1: Gather yarn from your stash or pick your favorite colors in Brava and place an order.

April 15: Try out the stitch pattern and get a swatch started. Join the WeCrochet Ravelry group or WeCrochet Family Facebook Group, and follow along in CAL discussions.

April 29: Post pictures of your rug in progress on social using #CleanSweepRugCAL and tag @wecrochetofficial and @ktandthesquid.

May 13: Aim to be about halfway through your selected size by this point.

May 27: Post another round of pictures on social and admire everyone else’s color selections.

June 10: Finish up that project!

June 17: Block your project (see our tips for blocking in WeCrochet Magazine, Issue 3 or in our learning center: How to Block Your Crochet.)

June 24: Post pictures of your final project in your home for everyone to admire.

We hope you’ll join us!


  1. Leslie / March 25, 2021 / Reply

    This sounds like so much fun!

    • Heather Mann / March 25, 2021 / Reply

      Yay! I hope you’ll join us.

  2. Claudia T / March 25, 2021 / Reply

    Love that this is a stashbuster! I could definitely use a new rug.

  3. Carol / March 29, 2021 / Reply

    Love this idea!!

    Can’t wait to start it!!

  4. Linda / March 29, 2021 / Reply

    Approximately how much yarn is required? (Sorry if I missed that info somewhere!)

    • Heather Mann / March 30, 2021 / Reply

      Yardage: 1744-3706

  5. Jennifer Fatzinger / March 29, 2021 / Reply

    Where is the pattern?

  6. Leah / March 29, 2021 / Reply

    Will there be a gauge? I don’t want to use too thin a yarn from my stash.

    • Heather Mann / March 30, 2021 / Reply

      Worsted weight recommended for pattern.
      15 sts and 18 rows = 4″ in Stitch Pattern, blocked
      (Gauge for this project is approximate)

  7. Karey / March 29, 2021 / Reply

    This looks like so much fun, but I don’t have anywhere to put a rug in my house.. 🙁

  8. James Delano / March 30, 2021 / Reply

    Definitely joining! Lovely rug!

  9. Christi / April 13, 2021 / Reply

    Pulled out my yarn bits and bobs to work through scraps. I need a new set of rugs for the bathroom sinks. Now to figure out which color will be the main color. Ahh, why not just order more yarn?!

    ; D

    Probably starting tonight, I need a good project for mindless crochet. Right now, most of my WIPs require too much concentration.

    • Heather Mann / April 13, 2021 / Reply

      That’s the age-old question, Christi!

      I just started the project myself, and so far, so good.

  10. Laurie / April 14, 2021 / Reply

    In row 2 (HDC sl st). Would I do the hdc, then sl st at the end and rep from * ?

    Thank you so much, Laurie Woody
    April 14, 2021 😀

    • Heather Mann / April 15, 2021 / Reply

      In each stitch you do one HDC and one sl st, then skip the next stitch, then repeat.

      I wasn’t sure how the slip stitching into stitches would work before I started, but it works fine! Do make sure your slip stitches are loose.