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WeCrochet Podcast Episode 26 – How to Crochet a Temperature Blanket like Toni Lipsey

On today’s episode of the WeCrochet Podcast, we’re talking all about temperature blankets! Whether you’re new to temperature blanket or do them every year, we are celebrating all the variations to this classic project.

First up Sara and Heather chat about the weather and the idea of temperature blankets, which are a snapshot of weather trends in a given location over an entire year. 

Then Katelyn gives Sara an overview of the who, what, when, where and why of temperature blankets, with lots of helpful hints about how to organize your temperature blanket yarn, picking a fiber to use, and more. Katelyn loves temperature blankets but she also loves something else. Find out in this episode.

Finally Heather talks to Toni Lipsey, the crochet designer behind TL Yarn Crafts, who designed our Temperature blanket Crochet Along. Toni brought the temperature blanket back into favor with crocheters, and she shares the ways she’s debunked common misconceptions, paving the way for many people to create stylish temperature blankets that they’ll be proud to curl up with at the end of the year. Toni and Heather also come up with the 2020 slogan of the year.

Join the Crochet ALong: Document your year in color when you make the Bias Granny Temperature Blanket using a curated palette in Swish worsted yarn. Each granny square is joined as you go for a comfy, oversized throw blanket. Adjust the colors and temperature gauge to fit your local weather range. By New Year’s Eve, your new favorite blanket will be complete, complete with 365 happy memories.

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Mentioned in this Episode:
WeCrochet Magazine Issue 5
Crocheting A Temperature Blanket
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Crocheting A Temperature Blanket Choosing a Location and a Time Period
Crocheting A Temperature Blanket: Picking Stitch Patterns and Yarn Storage
CAL Link 
Bias Granny Temperature Blanket
TL Yarn Crafts
Swish Worsted
Comfy Worsted
Wool of the Andes (Superwash)
Mighty Stitch

0:00 The Opening with Sara and Heather
5:37 Katelyn and Sara
15:00 Heather and Toni
40:25 Credits

Toni’s 2019 Temperature Blanket

Toni’s 2020 Temperature Blanket in progress

ID: The bottom right corner of the Bias Granny Temperature Blanket with colorful granny squares with shades of orange, red, grey, pink and yellow.

WeCrochet Podcast Episode 23 – Advice and Amigurumi
Two Sparkles the Unicorn Softie

In this episode we’re talking about the best crochet advice we’ve ever received and chatting with a favorite knit and crochet designer, Brenda K.B. Anderson about her work with amigurumi—the art of crocheting toys—and more.

First, Heather and Producer Sarah talk about their current WIPs and projects for the upcoming holidays. Heather finished some of her WIPs and received a celebratory harp sound while Producer Sarah is making lists and getting organized. 

Next, Regan and Heather share some crochet wisdom from our crochet community about the best crochet advice they’ve ever received. Many people chimed in about what to do if you make a crochet mistake and it seems like mistakes are in the eye of the bolder and what to do about them is a highly personal decision. Here’s some advice – Listen to your yarn and this podcast episode. 

Finally, Heather chats with designer Brenda K.B. Anderson about her crochet backstory, what she learned from her unusual day job, and all about amigurumi, including Brenda’s tips for success. Brenda’s professional life creating characters for live shows has carried over into her work with knit and crochet designs in surprising way. Brenda also has some hot tips to improve your amigurumis. 

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Mentioned In This Episode:
Cassiel Kerchief 
Grahame the Badger 
Quick Locking Stitch Markers 
Yarn under 
Solid Heart Fold Over Tags 
Woodland Tags  
Universal Tool 
Leather Labels 
Brenda K B Anderson’s designs 
Purr-Maid Pattern 
Sparkles the Unicorn Pattern 
Glimmer Sisters Unicorn Slippers Pattern 
Dazzler the Unicorn Headband Pattern 

0:00 Heather and Producer Sarah check in
3:53 Heather and Regan talk about crochet advice
22:30 Sara and Heather talk about all the great things on crochet.com
26:16 Heather interviews Brenda K. B. Anderson
51:13 The Credits!

WeCrochet Podcast Episode 9: Enter the Unicorn-Verse

What could be more fun than talking to kids, talking about unicorns and crochet? On this week’s episode Heather and Sara check in and talk about all the different ways to engage your young person with crochet. Many people are having to stay at home with their children more than they had in the past so hopefully this discussion will help. Heather connects crocheting and doodling in a way that will help ease you into to joys of crocheting at home with others.

Since our team is working from home, we each interview a special guests to talk to us about crochet. First Heather talks to her 10 year old, Gideon, about her job and they brainstorm projects to do at home as a family. Next Producer Sarah chats to her 2 year old, Flower, about her job and crochet. Then Kerry talks to her 17 year old, Lauren, about how she first learned to crochet and what advice does she have for parents trying to teach their kids to craft at home.

Heather and Regan dive into the newly released softie patterns, or amigurumi projects, and even offer tips to how to improve upon what the patterns say. They also give a behind-the-scenes peak at the origins of this photo:

Check out all the new patterns at crochet.com.

Keep crocheting, and we will too because WeCrochet.

Mentioned in this episode:

Tips for Crocheting With Kids
Crochet with Kids
Tuff Puff yarn
Dishcloth Patterns
Cozy Pattern
Floral Tapestry Top Pattern
Brava Yarn
Andean Treasure Yarn
Kitty with Yarn Ball Enamel Pin
Foldable Scissors
Pom Pom Maker set
Tassel Maker
Sparkles the Unicorn Softie Pattern
Design Your Own Sea Creature Pattern
Catfish Purr-Maid Pattern
Mini Moon Potted Cactus Pattern


0:00 Sara and Heather talk about crocheting with kids
12:13 Heather interviews Gideon
21:10 Producer Sarah talks to Flower
22:16 Kerry interviews Lauren
25:23 Flower and Sarah talk about unicorns
26:13 Heather and Regan talk about unicorns
40:53 Credits

WeCrochet Podcast Episode 4: Reclaim Your Crojo
Image of CotLin

The WeCrochet team is dedicated to building up the crochet community. Whether that means talking with other crochet enthusiasts or helping you figure out how to pick the right yarn for your next project, WeCrochet is  there for you.  

This week Sara and Heather answer your crochet questions, with tips for how to reclaim your “crojo” (or crochet mojo) and how to keep your crochet from curling. Find out how to submit your crochet questions so you can appear on an upcoming episode.

Next, Heather and Sara discuss choosing yarn, and how to weigh all the factors when picking the yarn for your next project.  From the weight of your yarn to fiber content, yarn makes all the difference.

Last, meet WeCrochet team member Kerry Bogert, the new Outreach Coordinator.  Kerry’s crochet journey starts with her mom teaching her to crochet at age 5 with an interesting method. Learn about how she helps develop all the crochet patterns we publish in WeCrochet Magazine. Also, find out how to submit your own crochet designs to crochet.com for possible publication.

Mentioned in this Episode:
Blocking Mats and T-Pins
Ravelry’s List of our yarns
Choosing Yarns
Mighty Stitch
Shine Worsted
Shine Sport
Curio 3
Curio 10
Wool of the Andes
Bright Hooks
Our Favorite Pins:
Sparkles the Crocheting Unicorn Enamel Pin
Llamarama Enamel Pin
Cactus Yarn Enamel Pin
Crochet Granny Square Enamel Pin
Kitty with Teal Yarn Ball Enamel Pin

WeCrochet Podcast Episode 3: The Real Winner

This week Heather is diving into people’s crochet journeys. First Heather and Regan examine Fable Fur, brainstorm ideas for crocheting with faux fur yarn, and throw down in a scrunchie-crocheting contest. Find out who will win. 

Next, Heather and Sara talk about important things to consider when choosing the right crochet hook for your project. Deciding the right hook takes some experimenting but understanding the different types of hooks, grips, sizes, and materials can really help. 

Then, Heather checks in with crochet beginners, Producer Sarah and Jennifer, as they discuss their crochet triumphs and tragedies while learning how to crochet.

Mentioned in this episode:

“Giant” hooks: Amour Crochet Hook – size P/Q 15mm and Amour Crochet Hook Size M-N / 9.0mm
Fable Fur
Alison’s Pullover hoodie
Brava Beanie
Guide to Crochet Hooks
Crochet hooks
Radiant Wood Crochet set
WeCrochet Bright Crochet Hook set
Amour Steel Crochet Hook Set
Curio #3
Curio #10
Radiant Interchangeable Crochet Hooks
Felici Fingering
Felici On The Double Cowl by Sati Glenn


0:15 – Introduction
0:31 – Regan and Heather talk Fable Fur
8:55 – Scrunchie showdown
13:15 – Sara and Heather talk hooks
26:13 – “Okay Crochet” with Producer Sarah and Heather
29:25 – Jennifer and Heather talk beginning crochet

If you’d like to be on our podcast leave us a voicemail. We’ll be checking it regularly and using your calls in later episodes. To leave a voicemail call 360-334-4847 and record your message.

You can also record a voice memo on your phone and email us that audio file at podcast@wecrochet.com

Regan and Heather’s list of ideas of ways someone could use Fable Fur:
Brava Beanie
Strap for bag
Otter Pop cover
Seat cover
Steering wheel cover
Sleeping bag
Glasses strap
Glasses cozy
Fingerless gloves
Arm warmers
Trim on hats
Stuffed animal
Chicken nugget

Do you have ideas of ways to use Fable Fur? Let us know.

WeCrochet Podcast Episode 2: The Crochet Renaissance

In episode two of the WeCrochet Podcast, Heather and Sara discuss the question “Why do crocheters need their own site?” and “Are we entering a new crochet renaissance?” WeCrochet is a new brand for a craft that has a rich history. Crochet is an art that deserves more recognition.

Next, Heather checks in with Producer Sarah to see what project she’s crocheting now, what yarn she’s using, and what her favorite hooks are.

Then, Heather and Sara give their top 7 tips for beginning crocheters, and a whole lot of encouragement for anyone who likes to crochet. From having the right tool to learning about frogging, Heather and Sara offer advice for all crafters on their crochet journey.

Mentioned in this episode:
Brava Yarn
Radiant Wood Regular Hook
WeCrochet Bright Hooks
7 Tips for Beginners

0:21 – Heather and Sara talk about why crochet needs it’s own site
9:47 – Heather checks in with Producer Sarah about yarn and hooks
11:15 – 7 tips for beginning crocheters