WeCrochet Podcast Episode 2: The Crochet Renaissance

In episode two of the WeCrochet Podcast, Heather and Sara discuss the question “Why do crocheters need their own site?” and “Are we entering a new crochet renaissance?” WeCrochet is a new brand for a craft that has a rich history. Crochet is an art that deserves more recognition.

Next, Heather checks in with Producer Sarah to see what project she’s crocheting now, what yarn she’s using, and what her favorite hooks are.

Then, Heather and Sara give their top 7 tips for beginning crocheters, and a whole lot of encouragement for anyone who likes to crochet. From having the right tool to learning about frogging, Heather and Sara offer advice for all crafters on their crochet journey.

Mentioned in this episode:
Brava Yarn
Radiant Wood Regular Hook
WeCrochet Bright Hooks
7 Tips for Beginners

0:21 – Heather and Sara talk about why crochet needs it’s own site
9:47 – Heather checks in with Producer Sarah about yarn and hooks
11:15 – 7 tips for beginning crocheters


  1. Patty / January 17, 2020 / Reply

    I came back to crochet after many years and was a bit disappointed that there were so many blogs, patterns etc geared towards knitting. So I was very happy to have found this site and everything crochet!!! Thank you.

  2. Mary Ellen / January 21, 2020 / Reply

    Yay for Crochet! I have been searching for podcasts about crochet, and here you are! Thanks so much.

  3. Jan Goin / January 22, 2020 / Reply

    I think that the We Crochet is a positive trend from Knit Picks. Thanks for doing this for the craft. However on you podcast you seem to think that this effort is something new. In reality crochet has had a renaissance for several years because of the proliferation of professional designers and new yarns that are geared toward the making of crochet clothing design. I think the reason knitting has been so dominant in the marketplace is because it is geared toward the fashion industry. Designers and yarn manufacturers have had backgrounds in garment making, i.e. sweater and sock making and other wearables. As for the “folk art” aspect of crochet, that the speaker on the podcat observed, it’s is also true in the knitting sphere where their are those who joyously spin and dye their own yarns. Both forms of handwork have their devotees and finally crochet is coming to a new audience through blogs and videos that make it more approchaable in the marketplace.

    • Heather Mann / January 27, 2020 / Reply

      Thanks for your comment, Jan! You’re right, the crochet renaissance has already started. Based on the trends we’re seeing out there, we think it’s going to keep growing in popularity, and even more designs and developments will become available. Thanks for listening!

  4. Linda w. / January 26, 2020 / Reply

    I love this new branch dedicated to Crochet. I have crocheted for 30 + years and it still is my go to craft. Keep up the good work!

  5. Esmeralda H Hernandez / March 17, 2020 / Reply

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Super fun!! I love all the tips!! I enjoy listen to this podcast as I worked on a shawl for my mother and it was so relaxing and inspiring to listen too.