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Become a Crochet Designer: Creating a Design Proposal

Do you aspire to become a crochet designer? Last week we shared a Call for Crochet Design Submissions for our Winter 2021 collections. This week, we are sharing some tips and tricks for submitting your design proposals! Read on for resources on how to create a winning design proposal.

A stack of crocheted blankets folded on a stylish green vinyl chair
Some of the designs from our Fall 2020 Comforts of Home collection.

If becoming a crochet designer (or designing for WeCrochet) is on your bucket list, we would LOVE to help make that happen! But how do you do it?

The WeCrochet Design Process:

Well, it’s a bit of a process, but before you design for us, you have to submit a design proposal! The beginning part of the process looks a little like this:

  1. See the WeCrochet call for design submissions.
  2. Submit a design proposal (NOT the full pattern)
  3. Wait to see if your design is accepted.
  4. If your design is accepted, then sign a contract.
  5. Receive yarn support from WeCrochet and write your pattern by the deadline.
  6. WeCrochet hires a tester to make your pattern. You answer questions and make pattern tweaks as needed.

Tons of Tips for Creating a Design Proposal:

Chrisandra Skipper of And She Laughs is one of the designers we frequently work with, and she has been posting all kinds of helpful information for designers who want to work with us. Here’s her IGTV segment about her process of coming up with design proposals:

Chrisandra also wrote a blog post about her design proposal process with tons of tips for success, so be sure to go check that out. Chrisandra’s design proposals are some of the best-looking proposals we receive, so feel free to follow her lead when constructing your own proposals! Her tips are so good!

One of Chrisandra's proposals next to the final version of her design, The Color Pop Stocking
One of Chrisandra’s proposals next to the final version of her design, The Color Pop Stocking

In her blog post, she also shares actual design proposals she’s submitted (and we’ve selected) and how the final product turned out! Click the photo above to see more examples in her post.

We got so excited about Chrisandra’s tips and tricks (and willingness to help fellow crocheters become designers), that we did a little interview with her sharing some insider information about what we’re looking for in design proposals. So go check that one out too!

Ruth Nguyen’s Tips for Designers:

Ruth Nguyen, another designer we love working with, and who has worked with multiple brands in both crochet and knitting, has also written a series on writing design proposals on her blog Red Earth Design Studio, so please check these out too:

Other Crochet Design Resources:

Still want more? Here are some other resources to help you on your journey of becoming a crochet designer:

The fireside afghan, a crochet pattern from crochet.com - a top-down view of a red and black buffalo check afghan with hands holding a cup of coffee

Crochet Designers (and aspiring designers): The deadline for Winter 2021 submissions is January 27, 2021, so go check out the call and please submit your design proposals!

Have questions? Feel free to drop them in the comments!

How to become a crochet designer: Tips, tricks, and resources. A pink background with a film strip, the main image showing a woman smiling and holding up two crocheted amigurumi cat-mermaid toys

Design Call: Submit your Design Ideas for WeCrochet Magazine Winter 2021

It is that time of year. We are looking for fun crochet designs for WeCrochet Magazine Winter 2021!

WeCrochet Call for Submissions

Submission Themes

WeCrochet is looking for a variety of crochet designs for our upcoming Winter 2021 magazine. We have provided mood boards of inspirational images and yarns to use, as well as specific designs we are looking for in this PDF. This call is for crochet designs only.

Brief Description

We are looking for new crochet patterns in 4 themes for Winter 2021— Plaid, Mosaic Crochet, Quick Gifts, and Cozy Luxury. Please see each theme’s mood board for exact yarn and project details.

Plaid Moodboard: Think new plaid colors, different plaid construction and cozy season-round use when designing for this collection

Plaid Moodboard featuring: Plaid Mitts, a Gingham Sweater, a Matching coat & clutch, dish towels, and a grid-style plaid pullover.

Mosaic Crochet Moodboard: Think color, pattern, skill level and technique when designing for this collection.

Mosaic crochet moodboard featuring various Mosaic inspiration designs: a shawl, hat, mosaic yoke pullover, mosaic front pullover, and wrap.

Quick Gifts Moodboard: Think color, cute, quick, and thoughtful when designing for this collection.

A moodboard featuring quick gift ideas like an oversize slouch hat, a wreath, ornaments, sachets, and wine bottle cozy.

Cozy Luxury Moodboard: Think neutral colors, cozy soft yarn, texture, oversized fit and comfort when designing these patterns.

A cozy luxury moodboard featuring oversize shawls and cozy pullovers.


January 27, 2021


$200-800 (depending on design) per pattern. Our preference is to purchase the pattern outright as an exclusive on the new crochet website. WeCrochet will crochet the samples and will provide yarn support for designers to crochet their own version of the pattern. WeCrochet will also photograph all samples and designers will be able to use these photographs for their own promotions. WeCrochet will provide tech edits and the final pattern layout.

Submission Requirements

NOTE: there is a new process for submissions, see below for more information.

One-page submission, complete with:

•Detailed pattern information

•Suggested yarn

•A sketch of the design

•Sizes included

•Designer bio/contact information

• If the pattern has a stitch pattern other than solid colored single or double crochet, please include a photograph of a swatch of the stitch pattern on the one-page submission (not just a chart or drawing).

While swatches do not need to be in suggested yarn, we do suggest a solid, neutral color similar to the intended finished project so we can get a better feel for your pattern. Include all relevant information on one page. Due to high volume, submissions not in this format may not be accepted.

Patterns cannot have been already published elsewhere. Please do not submit completed patterns. Our intended projects and themes are shown on the inspiration boards. Please keep these in mind when putting together your submission.

Send To

Send your submission via this Google Form (https://forms.gle/JHwyKD5fbjriTptY9). Please keep your file size to under 5MB (there are several free websites to reduce file sizes if needed) as anything larger will bounce.

Other Info

For yarn support, designers must have a US, Canada, Australia, or UK mailing address. Submissions will be accepted through January 27, 2021; designers will be notified of final decision by Feb. 10, 2021 at the latest. Finished patterns will be due by March 9, 2021. Any other questions may be directed to submissions@wecrochet.com.

WeCrochet Podcast Episode 20 – Cool Crochet
Dancing in the Sun Wrap by Janine Myska

On this episode of the WeCrochet Podcast we’re celebrating our new collaboration with crochet designer Janine Myska of Knits ‘n Knots, and her new collection, Cool Crochet for Warm Days and also touching upon size-inclusiveness and why it’s important in crochet designs.

First, now that it’s officially fall Sara and Heather chat about their completed crochet projects this summer. Sara was busy crocheting nine different projects and Heather was busy with her crochet doodles. Sara gives Heather advice for how to crochet garments that actually fit. Then they talk about size inclusivity and what WeCrochet does to make sure our patterns fit as many people as possible.

Next, Sara gets together with Janine Myska of Knits ‘n Knots and talks about how she got started with crochet and the creation of the Cool Crochet for Warm Days collection, featuring 5 new size-inclusive crochet garment designs. Sara asks Janine why size inclusivity is important to her, and also gets some behind-the-scenes info about creating and photographing this collection.

Finally, a quick mention of the Crochet Foundry Fall collection, which features 7 new size-inclusive crochet garment designs.

Listen, rate and review on Apple Podcasts!

If you want to hear more from Janine, she was a guest on our Monthly Facebook Live, Coffee and Crochet. Check out Coffee & Crochet with Janine Myska from Knits ‘N Knots

Mentioned in this Episode
Canopy Shawl
Twilight Top
Lindy Chain Yarn
Cool Crochet for Warm Days: A Knits ‘n Knots Collection by Janine Myska
Cool Crochet Kit: Golden Leaves Wrap by Janine Myska
Hawthorne Yarn
Curio #3 Yarn
Cotlin Yarn
Cool Crochet Kit: Seashore Tank by Janine Myska
Cool Crochet Kit: Dancing in the Sun Wrap Pattern Kit by Janine Myska
Faux Fade Wrap Free pattern by Janine Myska
Crochet Foundry Magazine – Fall 2020

0:00 Introduction conversation with Sara and Heather
6:23 Sara interviews Janine Myska
36:45 Crochet Foundry
37:42 Credits

Crochet Designer Spotlight: Meet Michelle Moore
A headshot of Michelle Moore

Meet Michelle Moore, the crochet designer behind MJs Off the Hook and SentryBox Designs, who specializes in unique crochet blankets, and stylish garments. Her proudest crochet accomplishment is being featured on the Tyra Banks Fab Life Show talking about how to make thousands of dollars from your hobby, and starting the cocoon blanket trend with her viral shark and mermaid blanket patterns.

Three thumbnails of Michelle's cocoon blanket patterns: The Bulky & Quick Mermaid Blanket (an image of a little girl wearing a pink fish tail blanket), Bulky & Quick Hooded Owl Blanket, and Bulky & Quick Shark Blanket (an image of a boy wearing a shark blanket on his legs.)
Michelle’s cocoon blanket patterns went viral. Check out how many people have favorited and made them on Ravelry!

We’re so excited to talk to you today, Michelle! We can’t wait to get to know you better. You caught our attention with all your stylish garment patterns for crochet, and we are super excited that some of your crochet patterns are now available for sale on our site.

Tell us about the inspiration/design process for the Everyday Striped Cardigan: 

A teen girl wears a striped crocheted cardigan

My teen daughter inspired The Everyday Striped Cardigan. She loves wearing stripes, I feel like the majority of her wardrobe is stripes! It was definitely time for me to design a modern and trendy striped cardigan she would love.  The colour palette is suited to her young and vibrant style. I believe I captured that with my colour selection.

I wanted to keep the design elements simplistic so most crocheters could make this pattern.  The stitch I used throughout is the Herringbone double crochet. I love this stitch because it works up quick and I love the alternating slant of the stitch. I chose I nice long length, ribbing and pockets to get that cozy feel. The pockets are set in so they don’t take away from the clean look of the stripes.

Why did you choose the yarn you chose for this design?

Wool of the Andes Superwash Yarn: A stack of colorful balls of yarn

When choosing a yarn for a pattern I look at a few key characteristics.  For this design colour was a top priority for me. I had specific colours in mind for this design so I needed a yarn with a great range of colour. Next in importance was durability.  This is an everyday piece that will be worn and washed often so Wool of the Andes superwash was a perfect fit. This yarn also provided the warmth and drape I wanted but not too heavy for a long cardigan.  

What was your first crochet project (and do you have a photo of it)? 

Michelle's first crochet project: a purple hat with a bright pink flower on it.
Michelle’s first crochet project

I made a bulky flower hat for my youngest daughter.  I made it In January of 2013.

When did you fall in love with crochet? 

Almost instantly.  Definitely after I made my first hat.

What was your first design and how do you feel about it now?

A little girl lounges on a couch, wearing a large mermaid tail blanket.

My first published design was the Bulky & Quick Mermaid Blanket.  It went viral so I’m pretty happy with it! It’s still one of my favourite patterns.

Do you have a favorite crochet technique?  

I love the Magic Circle.  I always use it when working in the round.

How did you get started sharing your crochet designs?

I started sharing my designs on Facebook.  I decided to start a business page when I kept getting asked to sell my creations.

What’s your favorite of your crochet designs?

A teen girl wears a bulky crocheted hooded owl afghan

It’s really hard to pick a favourite but if I have to pick one it would be my Hooded Owl Blanket. It’s definitely my top seller and most loved design. It went viral in Feb of 2017 with over 39M views on Facebook.  It’s still one of my top selling patterns.

What’s been the biggest surprise that came out of starting your crochet site? 

I was shocked how many people loved my designs.  I was very reluctant to start selling my designs but I was asked so many times for my patterns that I finally took the plunge.

Do you have a favorite crochet stitch? 

My favourite stitch is extended single crochet and my next favourite is herringbone double crochet.  I just love how simple they are yet interesting.

A pile of lovely crocheted hats
Braided Fishtail Toque

Current favorite WeCrochet yarn? 

I’ve loved every yarn I’ve tried so far but I really love Mighty Stitch Worsted.  I used it for my Mint to V Pullover and it’s just so buttery soft!

What is your favorite thing to crochet? 

It’s a tie between blankets and cardigans.  I really can’t pick.

Biggest yarn/crochet-related pet peeve?

I hate when I can’t find the centre pull or it comes out in a big tangled mess.

What do you wish you had known when you first started crocheting? 

So many things!  I wish I knew everything I know now. But for designing I wish I had known about craftyyarncouncil.com I use it every time I design a garment.

A girl models a pink crocheted sweater with a big textural gray heart on it.
Cabled Heart Pullover Crochet Pattern

What do you hope to design in the future, or where do you want to go with your designs?

I’m really loving designing clothing and teaching through video tutorials.  It definitely seems to be stealing more of my attention these days than my blankets.  I want to expand on designing more 1-3 piece garments. The majority of my following is new to making clothing and really love and engage when I create simplistic designs that are less intimidating. 

I could never completely let go of my blanket designs. There’s just something about designing cute stuff that satisfies this inner child in me. I still get excited every time I design a new blanket. I’d also love to come up with some other fun cool idea no one’s thought of yet!  

How can our readers find you online?

Pattern shops:

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.ca/mjsoffthehook/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwgtd-ETKcv5-08r5POdBrw
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mjsoffthehook/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sentryboxdesigns/
Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/MJsOffTheHookDesigns/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sentryboxdesigns/

Thank you for joining us today, Michelle! It was great to get to know more about you!

Crochet Designer Spotlight: Meet Michelle Ferguson of TwoBrothersBlankets
A headshot of Michelle Ferguson, a woman with long blonde hair, who is wearing a crocheted cowl around her neck.

Meet Michelle Ferguson, the crochet designer behind Two Brothers Blankets, whose design specialty is garments and accessories for the handmade wardrobe. She loves reading, the beach, and watching college football, and her proudest crochet accomplishment was when she was on the cover of Happily Hooked Magazine!

We’re so excited to talk to you today, Michelle! Can’t wait to get to know you better. You caught our attention with all your great wearable patterns for crochet, and we are super excited that some of your crochet patterns are now available for sale on our site.

One of your patterns caught our eye: The Aspen Tunic. Can you tell us about the inspiration/design process for that pattern?

I love a cute outfit of leggings, a tunic, and boots. So I wanted to create a crochet tunic that I could wear with my leggings and boots. I was also really loving crochet cables and wanted cables to be the feature of this design.

Why did you choose the yarn you chose for this design?

Brava Sport is a really nice sport weight yarn. It’s lightweight so you’re not too warm when wearing it. It is also 100% premium acrylic so it’s very soft and sturdy. Brava Sport is just a really great sport weight yarn for garments.

When did you fall in love with crochet?

I fell in love with crochet about a year after I first learned how to crochet. I was a stay-at-home mama of two toddlers, and I had just picked crochet back up and began to really learn how to create things other than just swatches. It was something just for me. It gave me a sense of accomplishment and pride, even when I was home all day with the kiddos.

What was your first crochet project (and do you have a photo of it)?

Michelle's first crochet project: A navy blue scarf (with fringe) draped over a chair
Michelle’s First Crochet Project

I believe my first finished project was a simple scarf in all double crochet and I even added fringe to it! (photo attached)

Wow, that’s pretty great for your first project! What was your first design and how do you feel about it now?

My first design was my Amelia Earwarmer. It is probably the most simple project ever, but I was putting feelers out to see if designing was something I really wanted to do. It is free on my blog now and still does really well, so I’m very happy with it.

Michelle models the Amelia Earwarmer, a bulky gray crocheted headband with two large buttons on the left side.
Michelle’s First Design: The Amelia Earwarmer

How did you get started sharing your crochet designs?

I started out just uploading them to Ravelry and sharing them on Facebook. First, to my own family and friends. Then I created a Facebook business page and used that to reach more people.

What’s your favorite of your crochet designs?

That’s a hard question! I think my all time favorite would have to be my Savannah Sweater. It is chic and classy but so simple! It has such great texture and is quite versatile too!

What do you hope to design in the future, or where do you want to go with your designs?

I absolutely love designing garments and accessories for the handmade wardrobe and will continue to do so. I do mostly tops and sweaters, so it would be fun to venture out a bit and try some other wardrobe items like skirts and/or jewelry!

What’s been the biggest surprise that came out of starting your crochet site?

I think just that feeling I get when I see that people like my designs and can make something that came from me. I still get giddy when people share their projects made from my designs!

Current favorite WeCrochet yarn?

I still love Brava, both sport and worsted and use it often! But there are still so many yarns that I am looking forward to trying!

What is your favorite thing to crochet?

Currently spring/summer tops and blankets!

Michelle models the Magnolia Tee, a sleeveless maroon crocheted top with bands of solid crochet and bands of filigree lacy crochet
One of Michelle’s Spring/Summer designs: Magnolia Tee

Biggest yarn/crochet-related pet peeve?

When I get close to the end of the skein and somehow manage to get it tangled around itself as I’m crocheting.

What do you wish you had known when you first started crocheting?

When I first started I didn’t realize there was a right side to the stitches, so for a while I was making all my hats inside out! I wish I had figured that out sooner…like before I was giving them away to friends and family! LOL

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us, Michelle! How can our readers find you online?

They can find me at www.twobrothersblankets.com or on Instagram (@twobrothersblankets) and Facebook (facebook.com/twobrothersblankets).

Find all of Michelle’s WeCrochet designs here.

Find all her Ravelry patterns here.

Bonus (Bonus Bonus) Episode of the WeCrochet Podcast
Brava Beanie with Fable Fur cuff

In this special BONUS EPISODE of the WeCrochet Podcast, Sara and Heather offer a look at the behind the scenes of how crochet designs get to WeCrochet. Sara and Producer Sarah talk about adding ribbing to Producer Sarah’s Brava Beanie. Lastly Heather and Regan continue their discussion of Fable Fur by diving into how people have actually used it in their crochet projects. 

Mentioned in this episode:
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Brava Beanie
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