Podcast BONUS: Crafty Podcasts to Love

WeCrochet stands with the Black community working and fighting for systemic change.

WeCrochet is all about crochet, yes. But the “We” is the important part. WeCrochet centers on community and its power to lift one another up, to mentor and encourage one another (in life and in craft), and to hold each other accountable for our actions (or inactions). We’ve been silent and listening over the last couple weeks, and reflecting on the ways we need to change. 

We’re a small team and a brand that’s just beginning. We commit to using this platform to amplify the voices of Black, Indigenous and People of Color, to increase partnerships with Black designers, technical editors, testers, and Black-owned businesses, to re-examine our hiring processes and the ways we fill roles on the team as we grow, and to work with our community in a constant conversation to hold ourselves accountable to these commitments.

As we continue to crochet, we must continue learning, listening, reflecting, and dismantling systemic racism.  Black craft matters. Black voices matter. BLACK LIVES MATTER!

The WeCrochet Podcast will be back with a new episode next week. This week, we aim to amplify the voices of black creators and crafters. Go check out these other crafty podcasts we know you’ll love!

Real Talk with Tian Podcast: https://www.tianconnaughton.com/realtalkwithtian
Tian’s Website: https://www.tianconnaughton.com/
Tian’s Shop (with patterns, books, courses, and more!): https://www.tianconnaughton.com/shop
Tian’s Support BIPOC page: https://www.tianconnaughton.com/support-bipoc

Our Maker Life: https://www.ourmakerlife.org/
Our Maker Life Podcast: https://www.ourmakerlife.org/podcast.html
Our Maker Life Team: https://www.ourmakerlife.org/about.html

Toni Lipsey’s Blog: https://tlycblog.com/
TLYarnCraft’s Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkO8yHEMmbvuw9Dgmuvwhsw
Toni Lipsey’s website: https://tlyarncrafts.com/