Learn to Crochet!

Take advantage of your time at home and teach your kids (or a friend, or a roommate, or a spouse) the art of crochet. WeCrochet has all the learning tools you need to get started on a new crafty, learning adventure. Follow along and learn to crochet! Once you get these basics down, you can donate your projects to Read more »

WeCrochet Podcast Episode 7: Our Crochet Fails

No one is perfect. We’re all just trying our best, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. One of Heather’s favorite topics is talking about failure. On this episode of the WeCrochet Podcast the team talks about some of their crochet fails. Heather helps each person through the cycle of emotions that happen around each “fail” and turns …

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WeCrochet Podcast Episode 6: Puff, Bobble, Popcorn

Crochet offers a lot of room to create in new and exciting ways. Learning a new stitch offers an opportunity to design something new. This week Producer Sarah & Heather talk about Heather’s new (secret) crochet design that uses the Puff Stitch. #whatisheathersdesign

Then Sara and Heather explain the difference between Puff Stitches, Bobble Stitches, and Popcorn Stitches, and the Horizontal Puff …

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WeCrochet Podcast Episode 5: Slow Living With Crochet

Floral Tapestry Top

This week the WeCrochet Podcast is inspired by the concept of slow living: a lifestyle emphasizing slower approaches to everyday living, and being intentional about how you spend your time, money, and your life. Crafting has a long history within slow living and crochet has a big role in that. From crocheting baskets, bags and garments, things …

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