Join our Crochet Along: 2021 Temperature Blanket

Join us for the ultimate CAL (crochet along)! We’ll join crochet designer Toni Lipsey through 2021 in making her Bias Granny Temperature Blanket! What is a temperature blanket? It is a way of documenting the temperature throughout a given year.

A top-down view of a hand holding a crochet hook against a partially-completed crocheted temperature blanket in orange, rust, and gold tones.

1. Get the pattern:

About the Bias Granny Temperature Blanket

Document your year in color when you make the Bias Granny Temperature Blanket. This temperature blanket chronicles the temperature for each day of the year using one of three carefully curated palettes in Swish Worsted yarn. Each granny square is joined as you go for a comfy, oversized throw blanket. Adjust the colors and temperature gauge to fit your local weather range. By New Year’s Eve, your new favorite blanket will be complete, complete with 365 happy memories.

Get the pattern here: Bias Granny Temperature Blanket

2. Choose Your Yarn & Color Palette:

Toni designed this blanket for use with Swish Worsted, and has put together 3 color palettes using that yarn (see below), but you are also free to create your own color palette!

Get the 2021 Temperature Blanket Kits at 20% off!

If you want to create your own color palette, we will provide tips and tricks for that in a future blog post, or check out the WeCrochet Podcast episode 12: Show Your True Colors, in which we talk about how to choose colors for your project, and Toni Lipsey gives tips on how she chooses her wonderful color palettes.

Toni’s Swish Worsted Palettes

If you like, pick one of Toni’s 3 suggested color palettes in Swish Worsted:

A yarn color palette called "rainbow bright" featuring a range of rainbow colors in Swish Worsted yarn.
A yarn color palette called "Warm Tropics" featuring a range of warm colors in Swish Worsted yarn.
A yarn color palette called "Cool Coastline" featuring a range of cool colors in Swish Worsted yarn.

3. Create a Temperature Gauge

Use this temperature gauge to assign a color to a temperature range that works for your location (for example 31-38 degrees is assigned the Dove Heather colorway). Each day throughout the year, you’ll make a small granny square motif in the color to match the high temperature each day. At the end of the year, all the squares will be joined together to create a blanket documenting the year.

Here’s a gauge you can save to fill out:

Toni has made temperature blankets for a few years now, and we can’t wait to join her with this project in 2021! It’s a great reason to find time to crochet every day, and each person’s blanket will be unique to them! Be sure to share your progress with #WeCrochetTempBlanket2021!

How to Join the Crochet Along:

To participate in the 2021 Temperature Blanket Crochet Along, join and post here:

CAL Timeline:

You have the whole year to do this one!

This graphic is a list of the timeline for this CAL. Text for the timeline is shared below this image.

December 1: Pick one of Toni’s color palettes. We have kits available on or check out the color offerings in Swish Worsted and create a color palette of your own.

December 7: Order your yarn! Be sure to get your order in before the end of the year, so you’ll be ready to start crocheting on January 1!

December 14: Look over the pattern and work up a practice granny square.

December 21: Assign your color palette to temperature ranges for your area. Pro tip: if you live in a climate where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate very much, assign a smaller temperature range so you can still use all the colors throughout the year!

January 1: Begin! Start making granny squares to match the daily temperature and keep it up as the year progresses!

February 1: First check-in! Share pictures of the squares you’ve made so far on social media with #WeCrochetTempBlanket2021

June 1: Second check-in! Share more photos and admire how everyone’s colors have started as the seasons change.

November 1: Last check-in! Share more photos of your progress. See the colors start to change again.

December 31: Finish up and share your photos! Use this day to join all your motifs together and finish up the crochet border. Be sure to share your photos so we can see your year’s worth of work and start getting ready for the temp blanket of 2022!

Watch Toni’s Join As You Go Tutorial:


  1. Inca / December 7, 2020 / Reply

    I love this idea! I think it’s a great way for me to encourage myself to crochet each day and will hopefully help keep me in the mood to work in my own projects too. So I will defiantly join this creative project. Is there a link to the yarn kits?

  2. Inca / December 7, 2020 / Reply

    Thank you! I’ll keep an eye for when there ha m I stock. Or I might just buy the pattern and use my own yarns

  3. Vikkie Alkas / December 25, 2020 / Reply

    Do you make one square per day?

    • Heather Mann / December 28, 2020 / Reply

      Hi Vikkie! Yes, for the Bias Granny Square Temperature Blanket, you do 1 square a day.

  4. Gina L Bowman / January 4, 2021 / Reply

    I had tossed the idea around that I wanted to make my father in law a full size afghan/blanket for his bed. But have put it off a couple of times.

    I realized, yesterday…yes, YESTERDAY!!, that he turns 90 on March 23. I spent this morning searching unsuccessfully for the high daily temperature for the town he lived in when he was born. A lady in the LDS sewing page gave me a link and I now have everything I need to get going.

    I bought the pattern, watched the video with 5 hints, and think I’m ready to go with yarn in my stash.

    I have 77 days to make his temperature blanket!! Lord, have mercy on me! No crisis or illness!

    I counted up how many days I have of each temp group so I know how much yard I’ll need. How much yarn does each granny square take?

    Is it bad to take a day and make granny squares of all one color to get them out of the way? 10-14 degrees only has 4 squares. 100+ only has 8, etc… or should I do one of this color, join it to the main event, then do the next day’s square?

    It’s nice to know exactly how many of each color I need.

    • Heather Mann / January 5, 2021 / Reply

      I’m not sure how much yarn each square needs but it’s absolutely fine to make all the squares of one color at the same time! I’m not sure if it is more time-effective to do them all first and then sew them together or do them one color at a time and join as you go.

      You can do this!

  5. Gina L Bowman / January 4, 2021 / Reply

    I bought the pattern, ready to start and I don’t understand anything. UGH!! I just don’t understand patterns. I need labels and a short video for doing the triangles. Where is January 1 on the grid? When you get through January where does February start?

  6. Melody Jensen / January 8, 2021 / Reply

    I am using stash yarn (sad that I have so much!) for this. I have also decided to add a metallic thread on squares for birthdays to make it even more personal. I don’t know how Toni came up with the amounts needed of each color – mine will be WAY off those estimates, but I guess that is the beauty of such a personalized project.

    • Heather Mann / January 11, 2021 / Reply

      Yay, that will be a really fun blanket!

  7. Gina Bowman / January 8, 2021 / Reply

    I need my blanket to be at least 50″X70″.

    Can you tell me how big the squares should be?

    Can I just use the next size up hook? Or add a single crochet around each square?

    • Heather Mann / January 11, 2021 / Reply

      Hi Gina, Toni’s email address for pattern support is on the bottom front page of your pattern. She should be able to help you with your questions about the pattern!

  8. Tori / February 1, 2021 / Reply

    Hi! Is it too late to participate in this? I know I’d have to order yarn and figure out where to start, but this looks intriguing!

    • Heather Mann / February 1, 2021 / Reply

      Nope, you can hop into our Ravelry group or FB group anytime!