WeCrochet Podcast Episode 4: Reclaim Your Crojo
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The WeCrochet team is dedicated to building up the crochet community. Whether that means talking with other crochet enthusiasts or helping you figure out how to pick the right yarn for your next project, WeCrochet is  there for you.  

This week Sara and Heather answer your crochet questions, with tips for how to reclaim your “crojo” (or crochet mojo) and how to keep your crochet from curling. Find out how to submit your crochet questions so you can appear on an upcoming episode.

Next, Heather and Sara discuss choosing yarn, and how to weigh all the factors when picking the yarn for your next project.  From the weight of your yarn to fiber content, yarn makes all the difference.

Last, meet WeCrochet team member Kerry Bogert, the new Outreach Coordinator.  Kerry’s crochet journey starts with her mom teaching her to crochet at age 5 with an interesting method. Learn about how she helps develop all the crochet patterns we publish in WeCrochet Magazine. Also, find out how to submit your own crochet designs to crochet.com for possible publication.

Mentioned in this Episode:
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Ravelry’s List of our yarns
Choosing Yarns
Mighty Stitch
Shine Worsted
Shine Sport
Curio 3
Curio 10
Wool of the Andes
Bright Hooks
Our Favorite Pins:
Sparkles the Crocheting Unicorn Enamel Pin
Llamarama Enamel Pin
Cactus Yarn Enamel Pin
Crochet Granny Square Enamel Pin
Kitty with Teal Yarn Ball Enamel Pin