WeCrochet Podcast Episode 20 – Cool Crochet
Dancing in the Sun Wrap by Janine Myska

On this episode of the WeCrochet Podcast we’re celebrating our new collaboration with crochet designer Janine Myska of Knits ‘n Knots, and her new collection, Cool Crochet for Warm Days and also touching upon size-inclusiveness and why it’s important in crochet designs.

First, now that it’s officially fall Sara and Heather chat about their completed crochet projects this summer. Sara was busy crocheting nine different projects and Heather was busy with her crochet doodles. Sara gives Heather advice for how to crochet garments that actually fit. Then they talk about size inclusivity and what WeCrochet does to make sure our patterns fit as many people as possible.

Next, Sara gets together with Janine Myska of Knits ‘n Knots and talks about how she got started with crochet and the creation of the Cool Crochet for Warm Days collection, featuring 5 new size-inclusive crochet garment designs. Sara asks Janine why size inclusivity is important to her, and also gets some behind-the-scenes info about creating and photographing this collection.

Finally, a quick mention of the Crochet Foundry Fall collection, which features 7 new size-inclusive crochet garment designs.

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If you want to hear more from Janine, she was a guest on our Monthly Facebook Live, Coffee and Crochet. Check out Coffee & Crochet with Janine Myska from Knits ‘N Knots

Mentioned in this Episode
Canopy Shawl
Twilight Top
Lindy Chain Yarn
Cool Crochet for Warm Days: A Knits ‘n Knots Collection by Janine Myska
Cool Crochet Kit: Golden Leaves Wrap by Janine Myska
Hawthorne Yarn
Curio #3 Yarn
Cotlin Yarn
Cool Crochet Kit: Seashore Tank by Janine Myska
Cool Crochet Kit: Dancing in the Sun Wrap Pattern Kit by Janine Myska
Faux Fade Wrap Free pattern by Janine Myska
Crochet Foundry Magazine – Fall 2020

0:00 Introduction conversation with Sara and Heather
6:23 Sara interviews Janine Myska
36:45 Crochet Foundry
37:42 Credits