WeCrochet Podcast Episode 14 – Crochet Summertime Funtime

Summer is here and the WeCrochet team has transitioned from wools and alpacas yarns to cottons and linens. Summer isn’t just a the season to lay outside wearing shorts and tank tops, you can also continue to do your favorite craft. On this episode of the WeCrochet Podcast, we’re talk about all things summer crochet. 

First Heather and Regan reconnect about what’s been happening and what they’re crocheting. Regan is excited about discovering a new crochet stitch, the crocodile stitch which reminds Heather of a Lift driver who made a mermaid tail with the crocodile stitch. Heather gives an update on her crochet doodles and both talk about their summer plans. 

Sara and Heather flip through the WeCrochet Magazine Issue 3 together and talk about their favorite patterns to make during the long warm days. We also hear from some of our crochet influencers and designers, like Melissa from Woods and Wool and Sati from Rows and Roses, about their tips for continuing to crochet in the summer. 

Nest Sara and Heather play a fun game where they have to guess which Furls hook embodies the other’s crochet identity. Which Furls hook would you pick?

Heather interviews Jessica from The Hook Nook about how she learned to crochet, the start of The Hook Nook and more. You can now find some of The Hook Nook notions on crochet.com > https://www.crochet.com/the-hook-nook

Lately Sara and Heather chat about their works in progress. We’re working on a who episode about WIPs so please reach and out and let us know what you’re working on.

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Mentioned in this episode: 
WeCrochet Patterns
WeCrochet Magazine Issue 3
Curio #10
CotLin Yarn
Lindy Chain Yarn
Galileo Yarn
Twilight Top Pattern
Eventide Skirt Pattern
Dusk Camisole Pattern
Summer Breeze Sweater Pattern
Hawthorne Yarn
Simmer Dim Scarf Pattern
Woods and Wool
Rows and Roses
Furls Hooks
Yarn Ends Weaver – Iridescent Solid Resin – White and Gold
The Hook Nook Yarn Passport
Billow Yarn (Prima cotton)
Calathea Cardigan Pattern

0:00 Introduction – Heather and Regan reconnect aka “The Ree Ree and Hey Hey Reunion show.”
2:25 Michele the Lyft Drive shares his crochet story and his latest crochet project
4:10 Heather and Regan continue to chat 
6:52 (Segment 1) Heather and Sara talk about summer crochet patterns they love
25:29 Influencers give their advice about tips for transitioning crochet to warmer weather – Melissa from Woods and Wool 
27:04 Sati from Rows and Roses
28:13 New Furls Hooks! 
31:35 (Segment 2) Interview with Jessica from the Hook Nook
42:11 (Segment 3) Heather and Sara check in on their WIPs
46:18 Producer Sarah asks people to send updates about their WIPs for next podcast episode
47:11 Credits 


  1. Sati Glenn / July 4, 2020 / Reply

    Where is the podcast link?

    • Heather Mann / July 8, 2020 / Reply

      Sorry about that, we just updated the post to add it! Thanks!! <3

  2. Julie Hall / July 6, 2020 / Reply

    I thought that soon after the holiday weekend, someone official would notice that there was NO link for this podcast, but it’s Monday afternoon and like Sati, who made the first comment, I was wondering “Where’s the link?” (Those of us who are of a certain age will mentally reference Clara Peller and her memorable “Where’s the beef?” ad for Wendy’s long ago.) I really wanted to hear this and I download every podcast episode, so I started poking around online and went to the WeCrochet Twitter account. I don’t regularly use Twitter, but was rewarded by a tweet with an arrow button to listen. That button starts the podcast playing, but it doesn’t give a download link. However, below that was a link to wecrochetpodcast.libsyn.com and clicking that takes you to wecrochetpodcast.libsyn.com/crochet-summertime-funtime?tdest_id=1729820 and TA-DA! finally a download link that works. This kind of research obsession makes me either stubborn or tenacious, depending on whose opinion you listen to, but I did find what I went looking for and it was well worth the work.