WeCrochet Podcast Episode 39 – Hooks up, Summer’s Here and Crochet Summer School is in Session

School is out; summer is here! On this episode of the WeCrochet Podcast, the team flashes back to some nostalgic memories of high school.

Heather and Katelyn reminisce about who they were in high school and wistfully chat about that feelings of fun and silliness intrinsically tied to more youthful days of their pasts. 

Katelyn sits down to talk to Selin Kocalar of Woolly Wishes, a non-profit organization founded by a high schooler, dedicated to using handicrafts to heal Syrian refugee communities affected by war. The activism of Gen Z is an inspiration and, as Selin points out, there is no need to feel limited by youth. 

A true student-led organization, Selin details how Woolly Wishes began, accomplishments to date, and ideas for continued outreach in the future. By keeping their donation parameters accessible, Woolly Wishes is able to collect usable goods from a multitude of categories. From hats and scarves to toys and bobbles, they’re set to put to use just about everything. While the focus is primarily on providing support to children in refugee communities, Woolly Wishes wont turn away those in need and will gladly provide supplies available to families as well. 

Selin and Katelyn discuss the best ways to donate, the most sought-after items, and how those interested can offer support. 

Then crochet summer school is in session and Heather, Katelyn and Producer Sarah talk all about the top ways to learn more crochet this summer. 

The expertly curated top ten list to Learn More about Crochet this summer includes but is not limited to:

  1. Make a friend, reach out to family and crochet together
  2. Try a new pattern
  3. Teach someone how to crochet
  4. Read a book or stitch dictionary
  5. Try a new technique
  6. Dive into Youtube Crochet Tutorials
  7. Check out Crochet Tiktok
  8. Take a Virtual Class
  9. Facebook: Join a yarn-related group, or participate in virtual crochet nights
  10. Stay Connected: listen to a podcast and sign up for our email list!

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0:00 Welcome to the WeCrochet Podcast
0:14 Heather and Katelyn talk about high school
3:10 Katelyn interviews Selin Kocalar of Woolly Wishes
14:33 Summer Sale
15:25 Top ten list of things to do this summer
26:51 the credits

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  1. Tera / June 28, 2021 / Reply

    Hi –
    It was interesting when you mentioned that there was no crochet specific virtual classes. I had recently tried to start an introduction to crochet virtual class but I probably did not have the momentum. It is free as I want to share what others have taught me over the years. I think the biggest problem I had was finding a platform that limited the number of people who can sign up for free. If the class is too big then having that person to person help is going to be practically non-existent. Hopefully, I can pick up some speed in the future and I will continue to look at options out there. Instagram: @coffee_and_stitches

  2. Julie Hall / June 30, 2021 / Reply

    Just noticed that there is a downloadable PDF transcript of this episode. Will that be a regular feature going forward? I know that turning the aural content of a podcast into script form takes work and time (so thank you very much), because even with speech recognition software, the final result benefits from careful vetting by a sentient being to avoid either complete nonsense or unintentional “howlers.” I know that I often roll my eyes at the voicemail transcripts my phone offers up based on what it thinks it heard! Whether for crocheters with hearing impairments or simply to give quick access by eye to something we know we heard but don’t have time to seek out by replaying a lengthy audio clip, this is a marvelous addition to the website.

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