WeCrochet Podcast Episode 32 – Am I a Crochet Beginner?

What’s your crochet level? Are crochet levels even real? What makes a crochet pattern basic vs. complex? We’ll tackle these questions and more in this episode.

First, Katelyn, Sara and Heather talk about how they plan to celebrate International Crochet Month. Did you know March is International Crochet Month? Then they discuss whether there really are different levels of crocheters.

Next, Sara and Katelyn talk about must-have tools for crocheters, and which tools are most handy when you’re a beginner.

Sara tells Heather all about the new WeCrochet Mini Hook Book: Learn to Crochet, the perfect gift for the crocheter in your life.

Finally, Regan and Zoey join Heather for a big ol’ conversation about the crochet knowledge you need in order to make a pattern, based on the Craft Yarn Council’s industry standards for project levels. Heather helps Zoey troubleshoot her Faux Fade Wrap WIP.

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Mentioned in This Episode:
Bent tip tapestry needles 
Locking Stitch Markers 
Split ring stitch marker 
Sharp scissors 
Tape Measure 
Universal 4 Tool 
Zip pouch Notions bag 
Sale Crochet hook case 
Sale Hook cases 
Sale Tote Bags 
Learn to Crochet Mini Hook Book
Faux Fade Wrap Progress Report 
Faux Fade Wrap 
Geo Potted Plant Covers
Cassiel Kerchief 
Heather’s insta 
CYC Project Levels 
Sara’s wedding dress

0:00 Welcome to the WeCrochet Podcast
0:13 Heather, Sara and Katelyn check in and chat
11:54 Sara and Katelyn discuss the tools every beginner needs
23:23 Heather, Zoey, and Regan figure out what crochet level they are
50:55 Credits

Geo Potted Plant Covers Pattern by Kate Alinari
ID: Five potted plants with crocheted cozies sit on a table, stacked together


  1. Emily Reiter / March 11, 2021 / Reply

    This was a fantastic podcast! I loved how philosophical you all got about the terms that are completely arbitrary (beginner vs advanced). I was about to send a comment saying “but the Craft Yarn Council has totally different terms!!” But….then you covered those, too!!! Plus the total confusion that is inherent in their terms, also. Good news, CYC is offering a survey right now to help them update their standards and guidelines. Let’s all be sure to let them know we need a bit more description on these labels. https://craftyarncouncil.typeform.com/to/b7MNs6Fb

    My own blog post regarding these terms is listed below. As a tech editor, if a designer wants to put any kind of label on their pattern, I totally discourage the ‘beginner’ type terms and send them to the Craft Yarn Council terminology instead.

    • Heather Mann / March 17, 2021 / Reply

      Hi Emily, Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the link to the survey!

      Everyone else, you can click on Emily’s name to visit her blog post about this topic.