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Our Holiday Wish Lists

We’re crocheters too! We asked the team what fiber-related items were on their holiday wish lists, and we have to say, they’ve got great taste! Check out these picks (click the photos to find them in our shop):

An enamel pin that is shaped like a heart with rainbow colored yarn wrapped around it, a crown, and a crochet hook

Remi, Digital Marketing Assistant

Rainbow Heart Yarn Pin: As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, I’m always excited about rainbow themes. I’ve always loved pins and I’m always eager to show off my growing collection!

Mini Crochet Hook Sizing Tool: A wooden rectangle with notches labeled for each different size of crochet hook

Zoey B., Influencer Marketing Outreach

Mini Tool: Crochet Hook Sizer: Many of my vintage hooks have long since lost their labels, so a mini sizer would be perfect to keep clipped to my project bags.

Regan, Senior Graphic Designer

Tunisian Crochet Hook Set: I haven’t picked up Tunisian crochet yet, but I’ve always got my eye on this set for the moment when I do.

The cover of "Crochet Little Heroes" book - yellow background with small amigurumi dolls on the front

Kate, Merchandising Coordinator

Crochet Little Heroes Book: I’ve declared (and my kiddo has insisted) that 2022 be the year I learn how to make amigurumi. My goal is to make all of the Little Heroes!

Learn to Crochet Book cover by WeCrochet. White background with 4 balls of yarn with matching color hooks (yellow, orange, red, pink)

November, Email Marketing Specialist

Beginner Crochet Books: I am a beginner in crochet and would love to learn the basics and proper techniques so I have a good foundation to build from.

Shown here: Learn to Crochet Mini Hook Book

Cover of 50 Crochet Dishcloths book: Shows a hand wiping a surface with a handmade crocheted dishcloth in blue tones

Alena, IDP Program Administrator

50 Crochet Dishcloths book: The wide range of techniques and stitch patterns means I can whip up quick projects while learning something new.

A hand touching a green crocheted beanie with a tan fur pom-pom. Nearby, a gray beanie with a white pom, and 2 balls of yarn in gray and green.

Zoey S., Crochet Graphic Designer

Wonderfluff, Pattern & Poms: I am itching to make something with Wonderfluff. I also want to make a beanie that I can put a cute pom-pom on top of!!

Block by Block Crochet Book Cover

Rubina, Domestic Books and Tools Buyer

Block by Block Crochet Book: I am super into the patchwork aesthetic and how easy it is to create little squares! I would love to move on from the traditional granny square to create a more modern throw.

WeCrochet Bright Hooks Set: 9 crochet hooks with various colored handles

Katelyn, WeCrochet Editor

I am hoping to get a second set of Bright Hooks and a case. With all of my WIP projects it is easier to have two sets of great hooks, and a crochet hook case to keep them organized.

A fur background with 3 wooden ornaments and 3 balls of yarn and an enamel pin

Heather, Marketing Manager

Holiday Crafting Kit: I want to make projects but not worry about planning them, so I’m looking at our Boxed Holiday Craft Kits. The stitch-able wooden ornaments look like fun!

Bonus points: They’re already in boxes, so they are all ready for gifting.

Now it’s your turn! What’s on your wish list?

CAL Check-In: Faux Fade Wrap – Progress Report
Janine Myska and her crochet Faux Fade Wrap

Hi Crochet-Alongers! How are you progressing on your Faux Fade Wrap, our current WeCrochet CAL? If you’d like to join (or just get caught up on all the CAL details), go here to find the Faux Fade Wrap Crochet Along information.

By now, you should have already chosen your fade colors, made a swatch, and have made some progress on your shawl. Let’s check in on a few people to see how they are doing.

Zoey’s Faux Fade Shawl Progress

Freddy kreuger inspired yarn color palette
Zoey’s color palette is Freddy Kreuger-inspired

If you don’t remember from our last check-in post, Zoey is our digital graphic designer (responsible for all our pretty downloadable calendar wallpapers, WeCrochet emails, and other goodies), and she’s a beginner crocheter who decided to jump in and join the Faux Fade Shawl CAL, with a Freddy Kreuger-inspired yarn color palette.

So how is Zoey doing on her shawl now? She’s making great progress. “I literally never thought I was going to make it past row 1’s turn,” she said. But guess what, she’s made it to her second color already!

Zoey's Faux fade shawl progress

Notice that Zoey is using a locking stitch marker to keep track of which side of the shawl needs the increase stitches. She is also counting her rows with a Kacha Kacha Crochet Counter, which helps her keep track without stress.

Producer Sarah’s Progress

Producer Sarah holds up her finished Faux Fade Shawl, which is a gradient that goes from dark brown to tan to blue to green to yellow to pink to purple.

And BAM! Producer Sarah finished her wrap last weekend, and WOW does it look amazing! All those random single balls of Palette she had really came together to create a beautiful final product. “I’m kinda proud,” she admitted.

Join the Next CAL!

A top-down view of a hand holding the edge of a crocheted temperature blanket in warm colors.

In case you missed it, we have announced our next Crochet Along, and it’s a big one! We’re taking all of 2021 to make a Temperature Blanket. Feel free to join in on the fun.

Now it’s your turn. Share your Crochet Along progress photos on social media and tag us (@wecrochetofficial on Instagram), and use the hashtag #WeCrochetCAL and #FauxFadeCAL.