Our Holiday Wish Lists

We’re crocheters too! We asked the team what fiber-related items were on their holiday wish lists, and we have to say, they’ve got great taste! Check out these picks (click the photos to find them in our shop):

An enamel pin that is shaped like a heart with rainbow colored yarn wrapped around it, a crown, and a crochet hook

Remi, Digital Marketing Assistant

Rainbow Heart Yarn Pin: As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, I’m always excited about rainbow themes. I’ve always loved pins and I’m always eager to show off my growing collection!

Mini Crochet Hook Sizing Tool: A wooden rectangle with notches labeled for each different size of crochet hook

Zoey B., Influencer Marketing Outreach

Mini Tool: Crochet Hook Sizer: Many of my vintage hooks have long since lost their labels, so a mini sizer would be perfect to keep clipped to my project bags.

Regan, Senior Graphic Designer

Tunisian Crochet Hook Set: I haven’t picked up Tunisian crochet yet, but I’ve always got my eye on this set for the moment when I do.

The cover of "Crochet Little Heroes" book - yellow background with small amigurumi dolls on the front

Kate, Merchandising Coordinator

Crochet Little Heroes Book: I’ve declared (and my kiddo has insisted) that 2022 be the year I learn how to make amigurumi. My goal is to make all of the Little Heroes!

Learn to Crochet Book cover by WeCrochet. White background with 4 balls of yarn with matching color hooks (yellow, orange, red, pink)

November, Email Marketing Specialist

Beginner Crochet Books: I am a beginner in crochet and would love to learn the basics and proper techniques so I have a good foundation to build from.

Shown here: Learn to Crochet Mini Hook Book

Cover of 50 Crochet Dishcloths book: Shows a hand wiping a surface with a handmade crocheted dishcloth in blue tones

Alena, IDP Program Administrator

50 Crochet Dishcloths book: The wide range of techniques and stitch patterns means I can whip up quick projects while learning something new.

A hand touching a green crocheted beanie with a tan fur pom-pom. Nearby, a gray beanie with a white pom, and 2 balls of yarn in gray and green.

Zoey S., Crochet Graphic Designer

Wonderfluff, Pattern & Poms: I am itching to make something with Wonderfluff. I also want to make a beanie that I can put a cute pom-pom on top of!!

Block by Block Crochet Book Cover

Rubina, Domestic Books and Tools Buyer

Block by Block Crochet Book: I am super into the patchwork aesthetic and how easy it is to create little squares! I would love to move on from the traditional granny square to create a more modern throw.

WeCrochet Bright Hooks Set: 9 crochet hooks with various colored handles

Katelyn, WeCrochet Editor

I am hoping to get a second set of Bright Hooks and a case. With all of my WIP projects it is easier to have two sets of great hooks, and a crochet hook case to keep them organized.

A fur background with 3 wooden ornaments and 3 balls of yarn and an enamel pin

Heather, Marketing Manager

Holiday Crafting Kit: I want to make projects but not worry about planning them, so I’m looking at our Boxed Holiday Craft Kits. The stitch-able wooden ornaments look like fun!

Bonus points: They’re already in boxes, so they are all ready for gifting.

Now it’s your turn! What’s on your wish list?