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WeCrochet Podcast Episode 16 – The Art and Business of Crochet
Masked: Best Face Inward | Jo Hamilton
2019 Mixed crocheted yarn 36×41 inches

Crochet can be a lot of different things to different people—for some people it’s a way to relax and express themselves, while others like to create useful items. Some people turn their crochet into a business (or side-hustle), and of course, crochet can also be celebrated as an Art. Today we talk all about the business and art of crochet with a few people who are experts on these topics. 

First up Heather and Sara chat about about their favorite IDP patterns on the WeCrochet website. IDP stands for Independent Designer Partnership and is a small way that WeCrochet aims to help spotlight and support Independent Crochet designers by letting them sell their designs on crochet.com. 

Next Heather finds out how to make your finished crocheted goods into a business with Ashley Stallsworth of A Crafty Concept. Ashley talks about her crochet journey and transition into a crochet business owner. She also gives a lot of free business advice. Hot tip—find your niché. (Note – this interview was taken from our monthly Facebook Lives.) Then Sara introduces Tian Connaughton’s program to help knit and crochet designers build a profitable business.

Finally, Heather talks to crochet artist Jo Hamilton about how she “paints” with crochet, and how she found her niche as an artist using our favorite medium: yarn! Check out more of Jo Hamilton’s art on her website and read more about her work in WeCrochet Magazine Issue 3.

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Masked: Yoghurt, Turmeric Fragments | Jo Hamilton
2014 Mixed crocheted yarn 42×28 inches

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Dishie-lous Market Tote 
Crochet Koala Keychain
Seth the Sloth
A Crafty Concept 
Coffee & Crochet with Ashley Stallsworth of A Crafty Concept | Facebook Live June 23, 2020
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Brava Yarn
Clover Amore hooks 
Tian Connaughton website 
Real Talk With Tian 
Jo Hamilton 
Budget yarn recommendation: Brava and Comfy 
Cotton Yarn recommendation: Dishie and Billow  

I Crochet Portland | Jo Hamilton
2006-2009 Mixed crocheted yarn 63×114 inches
Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Collection
Jo Hamilton with her new mural at SE Foster Road, Portland, OR
Photo credit: Kevin McConnell.

0:00 Welcome to the WeCrochet Podcast
0:15 Sara and Heather talk about their favorite IDP patterns
3:22 Heather interviews Ashley from A Crafty Concept
18:59 Sara checks in and introduces Tian Connaughton’s program
20:11 We need your questions!
20:45 Heather interviews artist Jo Hamilton
42:45 Credits