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WeCrochet Podcast Episode 40 – Crochet Jobs Part 3 – Teaching Crochet to Make Money and Get Confident with Arica Presinal & Pia Thadani

Learn to make money by teaching crochet! We continue our Crochet Jobs Series with a look at teaching crochet for fun or profit. Find out how to gain skills, confidence, and even certifications that will help you land gigs teaching crochet in your community and beyond.

Education is an important part of any field and crafting is no exception. While some people can just figure out how to crochet (like guest Arica Presinal), others need a little help and guidance. Thankfully there are organizations like the Craft Yarn Council and the Crochet Guild of America that are here to help on the journey to be learn more about craft and become a crochet instructor.

So far in our Crochet Jobs series, the WeCrochet Podcast team has explored crochet designing and crochet testing. Today on the WeCrochet Podcast we learn about how to make money teaching crochet in a variety of different places, like at conferences and libraries, and situations, like teaching online Zoom classes. 

First up, Heather talks to Arica Presinal about the Craft Yarn Council’s Certified Instructor Program. Arica talks about her experience as a crochet designer and as a crochet educator, and how she gained confidence from the CYC’s CIP. 

Later Katelyn chats with Pia Thadani from the Crochet Guild of America. Learn more about Pia’s journey to making an income with crochet, why you might want to become a member of the Crochet Guild and what the benefits are. Pia also shares her wisdom about the do’s and don’t’s of teaching a pattern.

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CGOA Online Education Program 

0:00 Heather and Katelyn
6:45 Heather talks to Arica
19:21 Summer Sale!
20:21 Katelyn talks to Pia
39:30 Credits

The transcript for this episode can be found here:

crochet hands
ID: Two hands crochet on a wooden table top with the yarn coming out of a yarn bowl and surround by different yarn in cool tones in different put ups.

WeCrochet Podcast Episode 36 – Get Published With Tian

On Today’s episode of the WeCrochet Podcast Heather and Sara check in on their recent projects and Sara interview Tian Connaughton about her latest online course, Get Published.

Sara is continuing her journey to try all the WeCrochet yarns and is currently working with Snuggle Puff and Heather shares everything that she has done wrong in the current WeCrochet Crochet ALong, The Clean Sweep CAL. Sara also shares how WeCrochet and Knit Picks has a long history working with Tian Connaughton.

Next Sara interviews Tian Connaughton, an expert knit and crochet designer, technical editor, author, and course creator. Since leaving the corporate world behind, she’s built a business around creativity, craft, and helping women build their own businesses that are profitable and sustainable. 

By asserting a goal-oriented attitude, Tian discusses the best ways to keep motivated after rejection and how to avoid taking disappointments personally. She details tricks to get work noticed and steps necessary to take a project from the initial idea to fully published and ready to share.

Tian has developed a brand new video course, Get Published, to help aspiring knit and crochet pattern designers navigate the world of submitting, designing, editing, publishing, and so much more. While the series was developed for all who are interested in publishing pattern designs, the initiative was created specifically to empower BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) designers to pursue publishing. With a focus of “community over competition,” Tian aims to open the door and empower those at any stage of their business. 

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Producers’ Note: If you are someone interested in taking the Get Published course, we’d love to hear from you! We’re hoping to follow someone’s progress from taking the course through getting published for a later episode of the podcast. Reach out and email podcast@wecrochet.com and make sure to share your progress using the #GetPublishedWithTian on Instagram.

Mentioned in This Episode:
Snuggle Puff
Clean Sweep CAL
Chroma Worsted
Brava Minis
Tian Connaughton  
Get Published with Tian Connaughton 
Get Published Course on Thinkific
WeCrochet Magazine Issue 5
Tian on Instagram @knitdesignsbyTian

0:00 Heather and Sara Check in
7:34 Sara interviews Tian
43:17 The Credits!

WeCrochet Podcast Episode 31 – Crochet Jobs, Part 1 – Designing

In 2021 we’re launching a series about crochet-related jobs (and how to get them). In this episode, we are talking about how crochet employs all types of people in different positions, with a focus on designers.

First up, Heather and Katelyn chat with Producer Sarah about their first jobs. From being a tour guide in a cave or slinging pizzas, to getting paid in candy bars, hear a little about their journeys through employment to their positions now at WeCrochet.

Next, Katelyn walks Heather through the life cycle of developing patterns at WeCrochet, and what kinds of things a contract designer has to do when they work with us. Heather also recommends some must-read articles about how to create a crochet design proposal from Chrisandra Skipper of AndSheLaughsBlog.com.

Finally, Heather continues the discussion with the team from Crochet Foundry again. This time Lorene, Briana, and Pam get into how to communicate when collaborating with a creative team, as well as all the different people (and jobs) involved in making Crochet Foundry magazine a reality.

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Our company is hiring for our Vancouver, Washington office and our Columbus, Ohio location

0:00 Welcome to the WeCrochet Podcast
0:15 Heather, Katelyn and Producer Sarah talk about jobs
11:21 Heather and Katelyn talk about the lifecycle of the crochet pattern
27:57 Crochet Foundry Interview
47:15 Credits

Featured Image ID: Seven beanie hats lay on a white background, three on top right side up, four on the bottom with the tops pointed right. All are designed differently in a similar red and grey color pallet.