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The Art of Crocheting Guacamole: Artist Kate Moran
Pieces from the Guacamole series, a 2-D series of hand-crocheted pieces featuring components of guacamole, each piece has a trail of ends emanating from it and is surrounded by a row of yarns in its color palette. 1. A hand-crocheted half an avocado, surrounded by the yarn color palette ranging from greens to brown to golds.

Kate Moran is a multi-medium contemporary artist based in Fernie, British Columbia . Always finding inspiration in the fine details, Kate demonstrates masterful patience in her slow art fascinations of free-form crochet, micro-macrame, textile arts, block-printing, delicate beadwork, and more. ⁠Her newest gallery show “The Guacamole Series” featuring large-scale crocheted works, opened on July 29, 2021 at The Arts Station in Fernie, BC.

This show contains seven large crochet pieces depicting the individual components of guacamole, rendered completely in crochet. Kate used WeCrochet’s yarn, Wool of the Andes, to realize her vision for this project. This yarn is 100% Peruvian Wool, available in so many colors, as demonstrated by these beautiful photos of Kate’s work.

A hand-crocheted art piece by Kate Moran: slice of red onion surrounded by yarn in white and a range of purples.

“Sometimes an idea strikes, and it must be brought to life! The concept of free-form crochet had been sparking my interest for some time, and I finally dove in January of 2019. I describe my approach as paint-by-number, and the finished product, a yarn painting. Years of working up projects in the craft of crochet make it possible for me to apply a deep understanding of stitches to intuitively crochet-paint with yarn. The new, crucial skill of working with ambidexterity allows me to always be looking at the front of my work, and change directions as needed to build my stitches into an image,” Kate said in her artist statement.

A hand-crocheted art piece by Kate Moran: A 2-D crocheted garlic clove, surrounded by yarn ranging from white/grays to golds.

Kate also said: “I am secondly passionate about this content as a vegetarian, and avid gardener. Most importantly, I ate heaps of guacamole during the pivotal year I lived on a school bus in Central America. These ingredients incite an indescribable joy in me. As it relates to the public, this series concept is colourful, fun, and has proven to be palatable to the visual taste buds of many. Unintentionally, this series now brings appreciation of times I traveled and was nourished by these local foods abroad. They remind me that healthier days are ahead when we can all explore foreign cuisines and cultures again.”

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A polaroid photo featuring Kate Moran standing in front of the mini versions of her guacamole art pieces

Kate also completed small versions of her oversized pieces, which are also available for sale at the gallery (and on their website). As of the writing of this blog post, several of these smaller pieces have already been sold!

You can follow Kate online on her Instagram account acefergusonstudio. Ace Ferguson is Kate’s mobile bus studio/store, featuring her meticulous original artwork.

WeCrochet Podcast Episode 16 – The Art and Business of Crochet
Masked: Best Face Inward | Jo Hamilton
2019 Mixed crocheted yarn 36×41 inches

Crochet can be a lot of different things to different people—for some people it’s a way to relax and express themselves, while others like to create useful items. Some people turn their crochet into a business (or side-hustle), and of course, crochet can also be celebrated as an Art. Today we talk all about the business and art of crochet with a few people who are experts on these topics. 

First up Heather and Sara chat about about their favorite IDP patterns on the WeCrochet website. IDP stands for Independent Designer Partnership and is a small way that WeCrochet aims to help spotlight and support Independent Crochet designers by letting them sell their designs on crochet.com. 

Next Heather finds out how to make your finished crocheted goods into a business with Ashley Stallsworth of A Crafty Concept. Ashley talks about her crochet journey and transition into a crochet business owner. She also gives a lot of free business advice. Hot tip—find your niché. (Note – this interview was taken from our monthly Facebook Lives.) Then Sara introduces Tian Connaughton’s program to help knit and crochet designers build a profitable business.

Finally, Heather talks to crochet artist Jo Hamilton about how she “paints” with crochet, and how she found her niche as an artist using our favorite medium: yarn! Check out more of Jo Hamilton’s art on her website and read more about her work in WeCrochet Magazine Issue 3.

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Masked: Yoghurt, Turmeric Fragments | Jo Hamilton
2014 Mixed crocheted yarn 42×28 inches

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I Crochet Portland | Jo Hamilton
2006-2009 Mixed crocheted yarn 63×114 inches
Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Collection
Jo Hamilton with her new mural at SE Foster Road, Portland, OR
Photo credit: Kevin McConnell.

0:00 Welcome to the WeCrochet Podcast
0:15 Sara and Heather talk about their favorite IDP patterns
3:22 Heather interviews Ashley from A Crafty Concept
18:59 Sara checks in and introduces Tian Connaughton’s program
20:11 We need your questions!
20:45 Heather interviews artist Jo Hamilton
42:45 Credits