Join the Brava Beanie Crochet Along
A logo for the Crochet Along Challenge: The Brava Beanie, featuring 6 different sizes of crocheted hats in green

Let’s crochet the Brava Beanie together!

Quick Info:

What is the Brava Beanie?

The Brava Beanie is the ultimate crochet hat pattern! Written for six sizes, this is the ideal hat to make for charity projects, or as gifts. It’s simple and quick-to-make, giving you the freedom to dress it up however you like. We designed it for use with our value priced premium acrylic yarn, Brava Worsted (only $1.99 for 100 grams!), but you can use it with any worsted weight yarn.

The Brava Beanie is made from the top down in single crochet. Simple increases at the crown alter the sizing. Once you master this simple pattern, add stripes, tapestry patterns, spike stitches and more. With the many colors available in Brava Worsted, you’ll be able to make this hat uniquely your own.

Text: "Try spicing up your beanie with some fun additions!" A pile of 5 crocheted hats in different colors, with pom poms, stripes, and fur trim.

Customize the Brava Beanie however you like! You can add stripes, pom-poms, faux fur trim, or whatever you like!

Buy the Brava Beanie Project Kit:

A picture of the Brava Beanie Project Kit, which contains a printed Brava Beanie pattern, a green Caspian wood crochet hook, and a ball of Brava Worsted yarn.

If you want to get started quickly, choose one of our Brava Beanie Project Kits, which come with a printed version of the Brava Beanie pattern, a green wood Caspian crochet hook, and a ball of Brava Worsted yarn in your choice of different colors.

And of course, you can post here in the comments as well! Are you going to make a Brava Beanie??


  1. Carrie P. / January 3, 2020 / Reply

    I will be joining but I will be using Brava Sport yarn since I don’t have any of the worsted weight at this time.

    • Heather Mann / January 7, 2020 / Reply

      Sounds great, Carrie!