Holiday Season Inspiration starts now

Surprise! It’s the end of September. Well, technically that’s not the surprise. No, the surprise is this—our annual 12 Weeks of Gifting series has begun!

Each week from now until the middle of December, we’ll be offering a brand new designer pattern to you as a FREE download! Be sure to grab it quickly and get started on new gifts.

If you are feeling the cozy weather, be sure to check out this week’s special pattern we’re “gifting” to you.

The Falling Leaves Ruana by Pam Stark is available as a free download.

Pam is a prolific designer who offers beautifully designed garments and accessories that are not only deceptively simple, but also integrate seamlessly into everyday life. She spearheads Sincerely, Pam and you can find more patterns on Ravelry, Instagram, and on her website.

Falling Leaves Ruana by Sincerely, Pam

We have set up a handy 12 Weeks of Gifting calendar, so be sure check back every Tuesday to find a new free pattern. You never know when and where inspiration will hit so we hope our yarn, tools, and patterns might provide inspiration as you consider holiday gifts.

Happy crafting!