High Desert Yarns: An American Journey
Infographic with a sheep graphic and text: High Desert: The Journey from Fleece to Finished Wool

How does wool harvested in the American West turn into the soft, high-quality yarn that just arrived on your doorstep? Read on to learn about the journey of High Desert, the newest member of the WeCrochet’s fiber family.

Step 1: The Wool – American West

A drawing of a sheep

Our wool is 100% USA grown Shaniko Wool from Merino and Rambouillet sheep raised in the Great Basin Region of the American west.

Step 2: Processing – South Carolina

A drawing of processing wool in a washtub

When it reaches South Carolina, the wool is cleaned and prepared for spinning.

Step 3: Spinning & Dyeing – North Carolina

A drawing of wool being spun into yarn onto a spindle

In North Carolina, the wool is dyed and then spun to create a this beautiful artisan yarn.

Step 4: Warehouse – Ohio

A drawing of yarn balls in a cardboard box

The finished yarn is transported to the Crafts Group warehouse in Columbus, Ohio for storage, awaiting customer orders.

Step 5: Your Doorstep

a drawing of a knitted swatch on a knitting needle

The next step is where YOU come in! High Desert yarn is sent to our customers all over the world, where it is lovingly squished and adored before becoming the stunning sweaters, wraps, and accessories it is destined to become!