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Are you looking for free crochet patterns? WeCrochet releases dozens of free patterns every year, and we’re not talking boring or basic patterns. Our free crochet patterns are professionally designed, tested and tech edited. This means that

  • they are attractive and exciting projects you want to make
  • include full-color photos, charts, and other helpful info
  • they’re easy to read and follow
  • have been checked for errors, formatting, and clarity
  • and result in a great-looking crochet project, every time!

Our free pattern collections include crochet patterns for

  • crochet garments (like sweaters, skirts, tops, and more)
  • crochet accessories (like pretty shawls, hats, purses and backpacks, and more)
  • toys (amigurumi and beyond)
  • home décor (beautiful crochet blankets and afghans, pillows, cushions and poufs, wall décor, and other home accents)
  • and more.

It’s our goal to help you love crochet and find beautiful patterns that you WANT to make, and don’t cost you a dime.

Past collections include:

  • Beloved (Wedding Patterns)
  • Blooming Spring (Floral Patterns)
  • Classic Neutrals (Garments and Home)
  • Comforts of Home (Cozy Home Decor)
  • Luxury Crochet (Beautiful Heirloom Garments with luxurious yarn)
  • Modern Brights (Fun and Colorful Crochet Classics)
  • Off the Beaten Path (Crochet Cables: Garments and Accessories)
  • Summertime Lace (Lacy shawls and more)
  • Viridescent (Greenery-inspired jungle collection)
  • Warm Wishes (Colorful Holiday Decor and More)
  • Wintertide (Sweaters, accessories, and blankets perfect for a cozy winter)

    As you browse our collections, we hope you will find your new favorite crochet patterns and download as many free patterns as your queue can hold!

    Happy crocheting! Keep crocheting and we will too, because WeCrochet!