WeCrochet Podcast Episode 12: Show Your True Crochet Colors

Color plays a big part of any craft project. Whether you love picking out the color of your yarns but aren’t sure how to use them or you struggle with finding the right color combination for your project, know that you are not alone.

First up Producer Sarah and Heather reminisce about the old days when Producer Sarah and her mom would walk around craft stores getting inspired. Heather loves thinking about what’s possible.

Sara and Heather dive deep into colorwork. Sara explains Intarsia vs. Tapestry crochet – What they are and how to do them. Tapestry crochet is the more traditional word people use when they talk about colorwork in crochet. Specifically, it’s when someone is using more than one color stitches per row. Some people refer to tapestry crochet as jacquard crochet or fair isle crochet; and Sara helps clarify more about these terms as well as what people mean when they say “float”.

Intarsia used when you’re working in big blocks of color. So rather than carrying the yarn with you, for intarsia you’ll work one ball of yarn for one blocked part of the pattern. Intarsia is used when say, you’re working a big heart on a project. Sara also shares the secret to how to change colors smoothly and what tools could be used to help make your colorwork more successful.

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Heather and Kerry chat about their strategies to pick out colors for their projects. Choosing colors for a project can be intimating for some people but Kerry suggests staying away from whatever you have around, right in front of you, and instead make color choices that you’ll be happy with later. From getting inspiration and Pinning them on Pinterest, to using a Color app, to utilizing contrast, to Kerry’s favorite tone-on-tone method, there’s something for everyone in their shared experience and advice.

Heather and Toni from TL Yarn Craft extend the color conversation with some extra useful advice.

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0:00 Introduction chat with Heather and Producer Sarah
3:39 Sara and Heather talk colorwork
19:29 WeCrochet Issue 3 is here!
20:16 Kerry and Heather discuss how to choose colors for your project
30:04 Heather and Toni from TL Yarn Craft also talk color
35:49 Credits