WeCrochet Podcast Episode 37 – KnotBadBritt’s Guide to Crochet Testing – Part 2 of Crochet Jobs

This episode of the WeCrochet Podcast is all about crochet testing. When designers write a pattern, crochet testers are the first to try their patterns and help shape the final product through their experience making the item, and providing feedback to the designer. This is part 2 of our Crochet Jobs series, though the WeCrochet Podcast team concludes that crochet testing might be more of a hobby than a job.

First, Heather and Katelyn talk about what it means to be a test crocheter/sample maker for WeCrochet compared to being a tester for indie designer. Being a tester for indie crochet patterns is more like a serious hobby than a job, but it can definitely open up connections in the community and advance your crochet skills. Katelyn also shares that she use to test for crochet designers.

Next, Heather sits down with Brittany Garber of KnotBadBritt and the Makers of Color Collective to get a comprehensive insider view on being a crochet tester. Brittany shares all about what crochet testing is and isn’t, what a good tester does, what a bad testing experience might be like, and what kinds of skills you should have to get involved in crochet testing.

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0:00 The introduction with Heather and Katelyn
3:52 Heather interviews Brittney Garber aka KnotBadBritt
6:51 #MelanatedHands
8:27 The Makers of Color Collective
10:25 What is crochet testing?
13:20 An overview of the crochet testing cycle
16:23 Why would someone want to be a crochet tester?
21:13 What is expected of a crochet tester?
26:10 What does a good crochet designer do (for the tester)?
32:47 Can beginners be crochet testers?
35:16 What baseline skills should a crochet tester have?
37:41 What would a bad experience look like for a crochet tester?
40:13 How would someone find crochet testing opportunities?
43:57 Britt’s top tips for a new test crocheter
47:59 Credits

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