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WeCrochet Podcast Episode 27 – The Crafty New Years’ Resolutions Show

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021! In the last episode of the year, the WeCrochet Team revisits their 2020 crafty resolutions to see what they achieved, and looks forward to all the possibilities. 

First, Sara and Heather remind each other of their 2020 resolutions and score each other’s successes. Just how many WIPs did Sara have at once this year? And did Heather ever finish the Twilight Top that she talked about so much in 2020? 

Next, Heather invites Regan and Producer Sarah to reflect on 2020, their New Years Eve celebration ideas, talk about this year’s yarn-related accomplishments, and share their new resolutions for 2021. 

Finally, Sara asks Katelyn whether she sets resolutions at the beginning of each year, and the two discuss their possible goals, making changes to them until they’re just right for the new year. Katelyn also presents the idea of “letting go” in 2021.

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Mentioned in this Episode:
Twilight Top
Tuff Puff Rainbow Wall Hanging
Tunisian Hooks
Muse (Aran)
Regan’s sweater
WarmUp America blocks
Curio #3 
More WeCrochet Team Resolutions

0:00 Sara and Heather take a look at last year’s resolutions
5:12 Heather, Regan and Producer Sarah check in all about goals
25:26 Win a Sparkles the Unicorn Kit!
26:32 Sara and Katelyn look forward
31:58 Last words and credits

One of Katelyn’s finished summer garments, the Addy Lace Cardigan
ID: Katelyn models wearing a light blue crocheted cardigan, with a brown fence behind her.
ID: A colorful Felici on the Double Cowl work in progress with two skeins of Felici connected

What are Your 2021 Crochet Resolutions?
Two crocheted Unicorns - Sparkles the Crocheted Unicorn Pattern by crochet.com

We made it to the end of 2020, everyone! We all deserve a big cheer! As we look back over this momentous year we’re also looking forward to 2021 and what our crafty goals will be in the coming months. I asked everyone on the WeCrochet team about their crafting resolutions for 2021 and this is what they said:

Regan, Photographer:

I still have a goal in mind to someday release a pattern 🙂 Or at least write up the Alpine Alpaca sweater. Oh, also to practice/learn mosaic crochet and Tunisian crochet. 

Regan's crocheted Alpine Alpaca Sweater
Regan’s Alpine Alpaca Sweater. Bug him to write this pattern!

Zoey, Graphic Designer:

My 2021 crochet resolutions goal(s) is to finish my first garment piece: Faux Fade Wrap. My goal overall is to also graduate from a “beginner” to an “intermediate” level of crochet.

I also would like to learn how to cross-stitch!

two balls of yarn + a partially-completed crochet wrap
Zoey’s WIP: the Faux Fade Wrap

Sara, Brand Director:

Can my resolution be to do whatever is needed to get Regan to write the patterns for his amazing projects? Partly joking, but mostly serious. Whatever help you need or questions you have, Regan!

My resolution:
My goal for 2021 is to experiment with more yarns in different weights and fiber types. When I look back at my projects over the years, I realize I make a project I really like with a certain kind of yarn and then just keep making variations of that same project. I spent all of 2019 making lace garments with Curio #10, most of 2020 was colorwork with Palette, 2021 is my year to do a better job mixing it up!

Here are some of Sara’s 2020 Palette sweaters:

Camden, Magazine Director:

I want to finish my Bobble Diamonds Throw and start on one of the next projects I have lined up (one of the following: Winter Mosaic Pillow, Pulmu Pullover, Macchiato Poncho, or Macchiato Sweater). Also, it would be great if I could finally make the Unicorn Softie that Amelia has been asking about since she saw a photo (which would mean making the Deep Sea Creature that Javi wants). 

Producer Sarah, Digital Content Creator:

In 2021 I’m hoping to expand knowledge and skills with new crochet stitches. I’d love to learn C2C. I’m also hoping to try a crochet garment. I’ll probably start with a small, kid-sized crochet garment.

Producer Sarah holds up her finished Faux Fade Wrap, crocheted in rainbow colors
Producer Sarah finished her Faux Fade Wrap in 2020!

Katelyn, Outreach Coordinator:

Typically I don’t make resolutions but this year, with everything going on in 2020, I think it is a good year to try. Rather than picking a new stitch or project that I want to do, my resolution is to go through all of my WIPs. It is time to get rid of any WIP that isn’t bringing me joy anymore! I can use the yarn for something else rather than having it in a bag, sometimes for years!

Katelyn wearing a granny stitch shrug
Katelyn’s going to sort through her WIPs in 2021!

Elise, Purchasing:

Make a long sleeve, color work sweater. I have knit like 7 knit sweaters I’ve made during quarantine, I should make a crochet one.

A knitted sweater by Elise, made in purple, blue, and chartreuse
One of Elise’s “like 7” knitted sweaters of 2020

Heather, Marketing Coordinator

Last year I made a goal to design a crochet pattern, and I designed two! This year, I want to design a garment pattern. I also want to figure out a yarn organization system that works for me (because boxes and bags are NOT cutting it!)

The first pattern I designed in 2020 was the Tuff Puff Rainbow Wall Hanging.

Now it’s YOUR turn! What are your crafty new years’ resolutions? Share them in the comments.