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WeCrochet Podcast Episode 6: Puff, Bobble, Popcorn

Crochet offers a lot of room to create in new and exciting ways. Learning a new stitch offers an opportunity to design something new. This week Producer Sarah & Heather talk about Heather’s new (secret) crochet design that uses the Puff Stitch. #whatisheathersdesign

Then Sara and Heather explain the difference between Puff Stitches, Bobble Stitches, and Popcorn Stitches, and the Horizontal Puff Stitch. These stitches are great ways to add texture to a project but are easily confused. 

Next the WeCrochet team continues to celebrate International Crochet Month by offering an opportunity to receive free issue of WeCrochet Magazine Issue 2. Regan and Heather chat about Regan’s second crochet sweater. They also get philosophical about how crochet stitches develop and bread. We listen and share YOUR voicemails!

Heather asks Kerry about what makes a good crochet design proposal, and Kerry gives her top tips for helping your proposal rise to the top of the pile. If Heather can design a pattern, so can you. 

Last, Heather talks to Regan about following his first pattern and learning Puff Stitches.

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0:25 Heather and Producer Sarah check in about Heather’s new design
5:23 Heather and Sara review the Puff, Bobble, Popcorn and Horizontal Puff stitch
22:04 Happy Crochet Month!
23:46 Heather and Regan talk about what Regan is working on and International Crochet Month
29:13 Listener Voicemails
31:15 New Crochet-A-Long
34:42 Kerry gives her tips on submitting designs to WeCrochet
41:55 Heather and Regan continue to talk
43:46 Credits