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WeCrochet Podcast Episode 13: Who’s Afraid of Crochet Charts?

On this week’s episode of the WeCrochet Podcast, we’re diving into the world of crochet tools (what do YOU keep in your project bag?), how to read crochet charts, and a new pattern collection that’s inspired by jungle greenery. 

First up Sara and Heather talk about what they keep in their Crochet tote bag. While some people, like Heather, have many tote bags, there are essential notions that seem to always find their way into our bags and into our hands when we need them most. We also hear from some of our crochet designers, what they keep in their tote bags. 

Next up – You may avoid crochet charts because they seem scary, but Sara and Heather are here to help break it down for you. Reading a crochet chart is like reading a map or reading music because once you know the symbols, you know how to read it. Or, maybe reading a chart is like following a recipe, doing a maze, learning a new dance, or playing a video game. Heather is here with all the analogies that help demystify charts, while Sara teaches us how to actually do it. YOU CAN READ CHARTS!

Lastly Regan and Heather chat about the new WeCrochet pattern collection, Viridescent, which is inspired by jungle greenery. They highlight their favorite patterns, and Regan lets the listeners in on a behind-the-scenes look into what the photoshoot was like for the Viridescent collection. 

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Mentioned in this episode:

Tape measure
Yarn needle 
Small sharp scissors
Folded Scissors
Locking Stitch Markers
Pattern Chart Keeper
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Mag 3
All the Patterns of the Viridescent Collection 
Curio Thread


0:00 Introduction
0:27 Sara and Heather talk about What’s Inside Your Tote Bag.
4:43 From the FBL GreenRoom Sara talks to Melissa of WoodsAndWool.com, Amber of DivineDebris.com,  about what they keep in their tote bags.
6:23 Join WeCrochet on Facebook Lives on Tuesdays at 8:30 am PST for Coffee and Crochet — it’s like a live podcast episode!
7:26 Sati from Rows & Roses gives us tips for using crochet charts, and her trick for using a chart even if you’re scared to try.
9:04 Sara and Heather talk about how to read crochet charts. It’s not as hard as it seems! If you can read a recipe, you can learn to read a crochet chart.
19:42 Heather and Regan talk about the patterns of Viridescent, our greenery-inspired pattern collection from WeCrochet Magazine Issue 3.

WeCrochet Podcast Episode 9: Enter the Unicorn-Verse

What could be more fun than talking to kids, talking about unicorns and crochet? On this week’s episode Heather and Sara check in and talk about all the different ways to engage your young person with crochet. Many people are having to stay at home with their children more than they had in the past so hopefully this discussion will help. Heather connects crocheting and doodling in a way that will help ease you into to joys of crocheting at home with others.

Since our team is working from home, we each interview a special guests to talk to us about crochet. First Heather talks to her 10 year old, Gideon, about her job and they brainstorm projects to do at home as a family. Next Producer Sarah chats to her 2 year old, Flower, about her job and crochet. Then Kerry talks to her 17 year old, Lauren, about how she first learned to crochet and what advice does she have for parents trying to teach their kids to craft at home.

Heather and Regan dive into the newly released softie patterns, or amigurumi projects, and even offer tips to how to improve upon what the patterns say. They also give a behind-the-scenes peak at the origins of this photo:


Check out all the new patterns at crochet.com.

Keep crocheting, and we will too because WeCrochet.

Mentioned in this episode:

Tips for Crocheting With Kids
Crochet with Kids
Tuff Puff yarn
Dishcloth Patterns
Cozy Pattern
Floral Tapestry Top Pattern
Brava Yarn
Andean Treasure Yarn
Kitty with Yarn Ball Enamel Pin
Foldable Scissors
Pom Pom Maker set
Tassel Maker
Sparkles the Unicorn Softie Pattern
Design Your Own Sea Creature Pattern
Catfish Purr-Maid Pattern
Mini Moon Potted Cactus Pattern


0:00 Sara and Heather talk about crocheting with kids
12:13 Heather interviews Gideon
21:10 Producer Sarah talks to Flower
22:16 Kerry interviews Lauren
25:23 Flower and Sarah talk about unicorns
26:13 Heather and Regan talk about unicorns
40:53 Credits