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Tips for Crocheting With Kids

Kids as young as preschool or kindergarten can learn to crochet, and grade schoolers and older are more than capable of learning finger-crochet or the basics of crocheting with a hook. We asked our crocheter friends for their top tips for crocheting with kids.

This week we’ve been focusing on crafting with kids while everyone is at home together. If you missed it, here are our previous posts in this series:

We asked crocheters: What are your tips for crocheting with kids?

Crocheting Teaching Tips from Marie of Underground Crafter:

“If you’re a crochet lover, you know it’s a great hobby that allows you to make useful and beautiful finished objects. You may also be aware of the many other benefits crochet can provide over the course of a lifetime, including stress relief, protection from mental decline, improved motor skills, and more. The gift of crochet is one that keeps on giving, so teaching a child in your life to crochet would seem an ideal way of paying it forward.”

An image of a child's hands holding a crochet hook and bulky yarn. One tip for crocheting with kids is to use smooth yarn and a large hook.
Tips for crocheting with kids: use the right tools: smooth yarn, an appropriate size hook, and good lighting.

Her number one tip for teaching children crochet is to use the right tools (smooth yarn, an appropriate size hook, and good lighting). 

Other important tips:

  • Break the process down into small steps.
  • Start with finger crochet.
  • Try simpler yarn crafts first (if crocheting with a hook is too challenging).
  • Read the rest of her tips in this article: 10 Tips for Teaching Children to Crochet

Ashlea from Heart Hook Home gives her tips for crocheting with kids:

A child measures a crocheted rectangle with a zipper.

In her article 12 Helpful Ways to Teach Children to Crochet, Ashlea has a lot of great tips for teaching children to crochet. Our favorites:

  • Have the child do as much of the work as possible.
  • Use small words (instead of crochet terms).
  • Give praise (and be specific). Be sure to give praise and give it often. Instead of “you’re doing a great job” try praising specific things such as “I like how you’re holding your hook”

Ashley from The Loopy Lamb talks about crafting with kids (even if they’re not ready for crochet):

Ashley is the crocheter behind The Loopy Lamb, a blog about crochet. “Crafting with kids can be used to teach things in a fun and creative way.  My son is in kindergarten and I’ve been using crafting to teach him about patterns, matching, and math. 

“Using some plastic beads, some scrap yarn and a darning needle, he makes jewellery for family members that we aren’t able to see right now because of the quarantine.  My 3 year old daughter has even been working with us and is picking things up.  We practice grouping the beads together in colours, adding and subtracting them to make sure we have what we need for our pattern and identifying repeats in a colour pattern I’ve asked them to create.”

A child holds a ball of yarn and is crocheting with their fingers. One tip for crocheting with kids is to start with finger crocheting.
Start with finger crochet to teach kids the basics of crochet.

Jessica Flowers (WeCrochet Test Crocheter) gives her #1 tip for crafting with kids:

My #1 tip for crafting with kids is patience! Lots and lots of patience. They will need it and so will you. Little hands aren’t as coordinated as ours so they have to do things a little different to achieve the same goal. Don’t expect them to do it perfect the first time. My daughter would not hold her yarn while crocheting. It was always hanging down and she would lay it over the hook and pick the loop up to slip over and off. A year later and she’s now holding the yarn and using the hook to pull the yarn through.”

Katy from KTandtheSquid’s top tip for success when crafting with kids:

“When it comes to crafting with kids have no expectations except there will be a mess. Crafting with my kids used to give me such anxiety because I knew it would end in a mess or them not exactly doing what I thought they would. But the less I stress about that stuff the more fun it is, for everyone. Plus, it teaches them to clean up after themselves when its all done.”

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Have you tried crocheting with your kids? Do you have any tips? Leave them in the comments!

Crochet with Kids!
Teal green box that has the Warm Up America! Foundation logo with a caption: "The charity that warms peoples' lives." Then white text that says "Let's give back. Want to learn to crochet? At WeCrochet, we've got you covered. #WarmUpTogether
A little girl pulls a crochet hat with cat ears down over her face.

Trying to keep everyone occupied in the coming weeks? Now is the perfect time to teach your kiddos to crochet! Crochet with kids to promote family activities together, creativity, and a sense of well-being!

Tips for Teaching Kids

Teaching of any kind requires a lot of patience and has many challenges. Here are a few of our suggestions for teaching crochet with kids!

  1. Let them pick the project/yarn.
    While we recommend worsted or bulky yarn for young crocheters, your little one is going to be far more excited if they get to pick yarn in their favorite color. Excitement about the project helps everyone stay engaged, too!
  2. Support improvisation.
    As adult crocheters, we might strive for perfection and exact pattern replication. Remember for kids new to making something, the MAKING it part is more exciting than the finished project part. Support any willingness to experiment and completely alter the instructions if you want.
  3. Pick small projects to start.
    Little people might have little attention spans. Pick a small project that has high reward for little effort. But, you know your kiddo better than anyone else. If they can focus on a big project, give them the chance to go for it!

Crochet Your Emotions

It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed by all that is going on in the world right now, and that’s OK! Just like painting or drawing your emotions can help you get out some sadness/anger/frustration/fear OR happiness/gratitude/relief/appreciation, crochet can accomplish the same! If you have a good yarn stash at home, let your kids pick colors that align with how they’re feeling. If you want to complete a project, try these dishcloths that have both sunny and sad emotions tied to them.

The Sun’s Out Dishcloth

Yellow yarn crocheted into the shape of a sun.

Fruity Loops Crochet Dishcloth

A crochet dishcloth in radiating stitches and rainbow stripes

A Chance of Rain Dishcloth

(HINT, HINT . . . this might be a good activity for stressed-out adults, too!)

Projects Your Kids Will Love

Once you’ve mastered some of the basic stitches, here are a few projects for your kids to try (with your help)!

  • Crochet chain race!
    Who can make the longest crochet chain? This is an easy project that doesn’t take too much crochet knowledge. Added bonus: it’s super fun to hang in their room after binding off!
two hands displaying 5 chains and a crochet hook.
  • Practice squares for Warm Up America!
    We’re joining as a crafting community to make squares for the charity Warm Up America! Warm Up America accepts 7×9″ blocks and sews them together into crafted projects for seniors and others in need in our community. It’s great to inspire kids to donate to a social good. Learn more about #WarmUpTogether !
  • Dishcloths for their bathrooms!
    Our website has an abundance of dishcloth patterns. There are so many options for kids to pick from and these projects will work up fast!
  • Cute Kitty Hat
    This is one of the cutest projects available on crochet.com. This pattern is written in a range of sizes for little ones up to a 20″ circumference.

Exciting Projects To Come!

We have more patterns in the works that kids will love! We’re working to get them released as soon as possible to keep everyone entertained while staying home. (Unicorns may be involved!) Keep checking back at crochet.com and this blog to see what we have in store!

We want to see what your kids are making! Share any projects from your kids on social with #WeCrochet!