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WeCrochet Podcast Episode 38 – Love Yourself and Your Size with TheCajunCrafter

Summer is here and the WeCrochet team is making plans on how best to spend this crafting season, from reminiscing about past haircuts to dyeing yarns with the kids. This week on the WeCrochet Podcast we’re continue our deep dive into crochet testing by talking to Denise Clark aka @TheCajunCrafter about size inclusivity for testers.

First up Heather, Katelyn and Regan talk all about bad haircuts and hair dyeing. Heather shares about her high school hair dyeing fiasco while Katelyn confesses about the most recent bad haircut she’s given to someone else. 

Next Heather talks to Denise, @TheCajunCrafter, about her work as a crochet tester and her passion to make sure that size inclusive testers are not only included in crochet testing but also are part of the pattern’s release in a thoughtful way. Denise is known for her Instagram photos where she models her tested designs with grace, confidence and sass. 

Lastly Sara, Heather and Katelyn listen to a listener’s voicemail and Sara shares some new and exciting plans for has for the summer. 

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0:00 Introduction
0:31 What was the worst hair cut you ever had?
3:39 Have you ever dyed your hair a really fun color? 
6:02 Dying Yarn
7:31 Denise Clark Interview
8:49 “What are you most known for in the crochet community?”
16:23 Size inclusive crochet testing
23:28 Why do you think designers should include plus size testers
26:28 Plus size crochet testers mentoring program
31:48 A listener sent us a voicemail!
31:59. Angel’s voicemail
33:46 Sara’s news
35:53 Credits

Examples of TheCajunCrafters Photos:

ID: Three soap srubbies in pink, orange and muli-color are laid in a fan shape on white tiles