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WeCrochet Podcast Episode 41 – Crochet With Us: Our Faves

A recommendation from a friend goes a long way. As your crochet besties, the WeCrochet team is here to help! Today on the WeCrochet Podcast we’re talking about our all favorite crochet-related things. From books to notions to even our favorite crochet insider terms to know, we are here to help you feel connected.  

First up Katelyn and Heather check in on their latest projects. Then the WeCrochet team gives out some crochet-related awards and shares their absolute crochet favorites. Then Katelyn and Heather chat about crochet terms and acronyms that come up when you’re in an online crochet group. 

Here’s your Crochet terms cheat sheet:

Ami  – Amigurumi, The Japanese art of making crochet animals and toys
Bistitchual – someone who knits and crochets
CAL – Crochet A Long
CroJo – crochet mojo, the groove of crochet
Stash – your yarn collection
SABLE – stash accumulate beyond life expectancy 
PABLE – pattern accumulated beyond life expectancy 
DeStashing – when you give away or sell some of your yarn stash (usually to make room for more yarn)
WIP – Work in Progress 
PHD – Project Half Done
UFO – UnFinished Object
Frog – to rip out your stitches, rip it, ri-pit, ribbit!
TOAD – Trashed Object Abandoned in Disgust
HOTH – Hot off the hook 
FOTH – Fresh of the hook  
JOTH – Just off the hook
ISO – In search of
TIA – Thanks in Advance
LYS – Local Yarn Store 
NCR – not crochet related

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Mentioned in This Episode:
Gingerbread House Advent Calendar by Sarah Zimmerman 
Between Knits & Purls on Youtube
Spindrift Cardigan by Moon Elderidge
Cotlin Yarn 
Summer Sultan Cardi 
3D Granny Squares 
Learn to Crochet Mini Hook Book 
Tuff Puff Rainbow Wall Hanging 
Tuff Puff Yarn 
Modern Crochet Patterns and Designs for the Minimalist 
Episode of WeCrochet Podcast where Regan and Heather make scrunchies WECROCHET PODCAST EPISODE 3: THE REAL WINNER
WeCrochet Magazine Issue 7 
Braided headband Kristen Clay 
Felici On the Double Cowl by Sati Glenn 
Dahlia Sweater 
Kindred Yarn 
Boardwalk Hexie Blanket
Forte Filet Tee 
Curio #3 
Yarn Bowl
Swift Case 
Bright Crochet Hooks 
Enamel Pins 
Fable Fur yarn 
Snuggle puff yarn 
Wonderfluff yarn 
Galileo yarn 
Capra yarn 
Mighty Stitch yarn
Twill yarn 
Paragon yarn 
Woods and Wool 
Melissa Fisher 
Love & Stitchh
Hello Happy 
Wearable Spider Web 
Tian Connaughton
Tian Coonaughton  
Toni Lipsy 
Sara Dudek 
Crojo Episode 
Knit Picks Podcast UFO episode

0:00 What Katelyn and Heather are working on 
7:18 Our Favorites
31:45 Crochet terms to know
38:16 Credits

Boardwalk Hexie Blanket post mentioned

ID: Teal and pink cakes of yarn, a “Coffee. Crochet. Sleep. Repeat.” tan project bag, a Learn to Crochet book, a crochet hook, and a teal notions bag all lie on a white slated table.