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WeCrochet Podcast Episode 17 – Hooks Down, Level Up!
Rainbow Garden Throw being blocked

Crocheting a project is sometimes more than just simply crocheting stitches. Sometimes additional steps  and notions are needed to finish a project. This episode is all about those little things that make your crochet that much better, from crochet hacks to learning the best way to block your project to make it look its best.

First, Heather and Sara chat about Heather’s new rainbow-themed WeCrochet pattern (#whatisheathersdesign). This is Heather’s first WeCrochet published pattern. 

Next, what do bobby pins, TP rolls, and a pile of yarn scraps have in common? Producer Sarah and Heather talk about their favorite thrifty crochet hacks. Learn about the budget ways to store your project, create pom poms and tassels, block projects, and more. 
Hear about some exciting news about a new partner of WeCrochet.

Then, Sara teaches Heather how to block her crochet projects, and how to decide whether to mist, steam, or soak a project for best blocking results.

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Producer Sarah’s image of blocking WarmUp America blocks on child’s play mats using buttons, pins, and push pins
Producer Sarah’s Brava Beanie made with Brava and Aloft
Producer Sarah’s Brava Beanie made with Brava and Aloft

Mentioned in this episode:

Tuff Puff Rainbow Wall Hanging
Tuff Puff yarn
WeCrochet project bags
Pom Pom maker
Tassels maker
Brava (Worsted) yarn
Aloft yarn
Stitch markers
blocking mats
blocking kit
blocking wire


0:00 Welcome to the WeCrochet Podcast
0:15 Sara and Heather talk about Heather’s new pattern
2:57 Producer Sarah and Heather check in and talk about thrifty crochet hacks
25:42 New partnership!
27:44 Issue 4 of WeCrochet Magazine
29:34 Sara and Heather talk about blocking
46:44 Credits!