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WeCrochet Podcast BONUS Episode – WarmTheLine

Welcome to a very special Bonus Episode of the WeCrochet Podcast! If you’re a listener and crocheter here in the United States, you might have noticed we just wrapped up a big election season! But, voting is not over for everyone. The state of Georgia is having a run-off election for two senate seats so everyone who voted in Georgia in November will be voting again on or before January 5th. 

Today we are talking to some very special guests working to inspire warmth, connection, creativity and community in voting lines across the country as well as in Georgia. Kathy Mullins and Anne Keith are two crafters that started and work for WarmTheLine, a craftivism project that aims to help share warm items to people waiting in line to vote. While the group started earlier this year and organized over 3000 handmade items to voters during the November elections, they are now focusing their efforts on the upcoming Georgia election and beyond. They are seeking donations of hats, mittens, scarfs, masks and anything that could keep people cozy and safe while in line. Items can be knit, crocheted, weaved or sewed. 

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If you’re in Georgia The voter registration deadline is December 7. Early voting begins on December 14. For more information about runoff elections, contact your County Registrar’s Office.

Warm the Line is hoping to have projects sent by December 5th to get them out to early voters, so get to making!

We have lots of free hat, scarf, or mitten patterns available on crochet.com, and many patterns available for purchase so you can support an independent designer this season. And WarmtheLine is taking donations after December 5th as well, but the earlier you can get them in, the better.

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Suggested Free Hat Patterns!
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Suggested Free Mitten Pattern
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WeCrochet Podcast Episode 22 – Craftivism
Get your purple yarn for your emPower People Bandana at crochet.com

People have been creating and contributing to social good for as long as people have been creating. Today we’re talking about craftivism, or the act of combining crafting with activism, and talking to Laverne of BzyPeach about the emPowerpeople 2020 movement. 

First, Producer Sarah checks in with Sara and talks about how she’s been using crafting therapeutically this year. They briefly discuss craftivism and its history. Since this topic is too big to cover in just one episode, expect to have future episodes that will do a deeper dive.

Next, Regan and Heather chat about the 12 Weeks of Gifting, free crochet patterns, what’s on their holiday crafting list, and Regan’s crochet anniversary.

Finally, Heather talks to Laverne Benton about her project emPower People 2020, a craftivism project aimed at uniting crafters of all mediums to engage people across communities to spark conversation, engagement and action in the political process to uphold social justice and human rights.

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0:00 Sara and Producer Sarah talk about craftivism
10:02 Heather and Regan talk about the 12 Weeks of Gifting
13:23 Heather talks to Laverne Benton about emPower People 2020
34:24 Credits

Producer Sarah wearing her emPower People Bandana while dropping off her ballot in Oregon. Only took off face mask for this photo, no one was around.