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WeCrochet Podcast Episode 17 – Hooks Down, Level Up!

Rainbow Garden Throw being blocked

Crocheting a project is sometimes more than just simply crocheting stitches. Sometimes additional steps  and notions are needed to finish a project. This episode is all about those little things that make your crochet that much better, from crochet hacks to learning the best way to block your project to make it look its best.

First, Heather …

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Stitch Away Stress in April with WeCrochet and Craft Yarn Council

April is National Stress Awareness Month and WeCrochet and the Craft Yarn Council want to share how you can stitch away stress and UNWIND with crochet (and knitting.)

uploads/2021/04/stitch-away-stress2.png" alt="An infographic that says "Stitch Away Stress -- Read more about all the amazing health benefits of these crafts. Learn more (click on image). A woman sits on a yoga mat in a meditation pose. Underneath, text that says "85% of knitters and crocheters experience reduced stress ...

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Learn to Crochet!

Take advantage of your time at home and teach your kids (or a friend, or a roommate, or a spouse) the art of crochet. WeCrochet has all the learning tools you need to get started on a new crafty, learning adventure. Follow along and learn to crochet! Once you get these basics down, you can donate your projects to Read more »

What I learned from the Brava Beanie CAL

Nine versions of the Brava Beanie hat crochet pattern laying on a table.Sarah’s collection of Brava Beanies

I’m a new crocheter. I grew up surrounded by crochet—my mother did it, my aunts did it, my grandmothers did it, so naturally I rebelled and learned to knit. I have been knitting since the early 2000s and have really enjoyed it. I had an interest in crochet; I even bought some hooks but truly didn’t know where to start. I just …

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Introducing WeCrochet Magazine!

WeCrochet was started to make a place specifically for crocheters. We’re an online crochet store, a source for crochet education, and now a crochet magazine! We’re so proud to announce the launch of our new magazine: WeCrochet Magazine! It’s available in both print and ebook formats, for your convenience.

The magazine will be published quarterly, and we have a lot more in store …

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