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WeCrochet Podcast Episode 33 – That New Yarn Feeling

Happy International Crochet Month from the WeCrochet Podcast. This episode is all about YARN!

First, Sara, Katelyn, and Heather talk about how they feel when they get new yarn, and what they do while they’re waiting for the yarn delivery truck to arrive. They also share which projects they’re currently working on.

Next, Katelyn and Sara drop all their yarn knowledge from …

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WeCrochet Podcast Episode 32 – Am I a Crochet Beginner?

What’s your crochet level? Are crochet levels even real? What makes a crochet pattern basic vs. complex? We’ll tackle these questions and more in this episode.

First, Katelyn, Sara and Heather talk about how they plan to celebrate International Crochet Month. Did you know March is International Crochet Month? Then they discuss whether there really are different levels of crocheters.

Next, Sara …

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